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When Sensitive People Attack

Poor Tracy Morgan, I thought he was a comedian. I thought his job was to make jokes and act a fool. Well not in this society. You have to look through a manual to see what jokes are off-limits. We live in a very sensitive society. We live in a society where White liberals dominate.

White Liberals don't have the capability to develop a strong society, all they can do is attack anything that would actually make someone stronger. You should be able to handle someone's words. You should know yourself well enough so that the words of others don't necessarily effect you. What they say might bother you due to the gall of the situation. The person has the gall to say something about you, however, to totally crumble and become soft like cotton due to their words means you are weak. Its an individual person.

So here we have of all people Victor Willis the writer of the song "YMCA" complaining that Tracy Morgan made the following joke about him:
"My father was the lead singer of the Village People. I would sing 'Y.M.C.A.' the loudest. I was sitting right there when he wrote the song, my daddy."
When does the madness end? This is an ENERGY joke. Tracy Morgan does not know this man personally he probably didn't even know he was the only member not gay. He simply made a funny gay joke revolving around the gayest song in the history of music.

White Liberals are too sensitive, long go are the days of "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons". It use to be a time when people could laugh at people's ignorant jokes. Of course people with low-self esteem get offended more easily then others.

Trying to restrain people from talking is like creating human, walking pressure cookers. People will become frustrated because they can't express themselves. And because there are many complexities to how people express themselves you can't hold people back. Anything White liberals touch turns to mush. They think creating a strong society revolves around cuddling people and trying to protect them from life and the things that people say.

I wonder if Victor Willis would want an apology from someone who was not famous, because I can ensure him that when people think of "The Villiage People" they assume they were all gay. Of course there is nothing wrong with being gay, but Victor Willis makes it seem so by being so sensitive.

Keep Your Head up Tracy


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