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When Liberals and LBTG Push People…………

They Push back!

I can clearly see the LBTG going down the same path as Black people, by playing “Whack a Homophobe” . Black people and White Liberals like to play “Whack a Racist”, same game different target.

Of course I’m talking about the game “Whack a Mole”. A game that is impossible to win and becomes more and more frustrating as it goes on. And in the case where I watched you play and you enjoyed yourself, you would begin to annoy me. You would begin to annoy me because you’re not winning at the game, but you’re still playing.

If we where in the arcade, I would really think you where a dumbass, because there are so many other games to play that you could win. But no, you want to sit there are try to whack all the “homophobe’s” and racists, which is absolutely impossible.

I think the following jokes Tracy Morgan made were funny. In fact he talks about another game society likes to play and that is: “Whack a Bully” lol, lol. White Liberals think they can find all the bully’s and attack or address them. They don’t realize there are many bully’s who don’t even know they are bully’s. They would say they are jokster’s not bully’s.

So why not go the route of strengthening minds and building self-esteem? Wouldn’t this be a better, more self-empowering route?

You cannot control society, especially individual people. You can’t even attack bullying as an ENERGY because it’s not concentrated, it’s scattered.

This is why so many youth are impressionable and weak. There’s no dedication in making them tough and able to handle life. You cannot prepare a child for life if you teach them that the things that people say mean anything. They should know if they mean anything, because they should know themselves, love themselves and feel confident in themselves.

While my Mom was not a harsh as Tracy Morgan, my Mom too would be upset if I would have come home complaining about a bully. Unless my life was in danger, I would have been encouraged to learn how to deal with it and defend myself verbally. It would have been an insult to my Mom who raised me tough to bow down and let another human have control over my emotions.

I was not encouraged to fight. I was not a child that fought, but I would have been told to find a way to deal with it verbally. This made me the strong person I am today. It also makes you more prone to finding out about yourself. People can dictate your feelings and get to you when you don’t know yourself.

I did have balance because being “Daddy’s little girl” or “Daddy’s daughter” my Dad would have been more forceful if I complained that someone was bothering me. That was appropriate of a Father because I’m a girl. My Father however would not have taken that approach with my older Brother, he would have been told to stick up for himself.

Tracy Morgan has been targeted numerous times by the “gay community” for his jokes. I think that’s soft, weak, pathetic and sad, all the ENERGIES I feel when looking at the Black community. Tracy Morgan like many other comedians make jokes and push the boundaries that everyday people do not. Comedians never should be censored, particularly at a private show. If people in general are offended by his jokes he will become aware of this and maybe change is routine. If he doesn't you have the right to go see a different comedian.

For an organization or group of people to target and attack individuals, is a gang-up and self-serving. After-all I’m not offended by Tracy Morgan’s jokes. I think many of his jokes are funny. I grew up with Tracy Morgan so I know he is more out their and animated then some comedians. That’s what keeps comedy real, and diverse.

Bottom-line, here’s what Tracy Morgan said about the LBTG:
“Gays need to quit being p**sies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying… [homosexuality] is something that kids learn from the media and programming.”
Morgan also stated what he would do if hi son was gay:
“I’ll pull out a knife and stab that little n**ger to death,” Morgan is said to have joked.
When you push someone they will push back, and the more they harrass him the more they become a focus. Just a little reminder to the LBTG community as they embark on the horrible path Black people have taken.

Whack a Mole Photo courtesy: dianeparfitt.com

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