Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Disrespecting an Icon!

We live in a crazy world. A world where people lack respect and seem to idolize and praise those who are least worthy.

Of course in a world where money is God to most people, they will do anything to make it. When I think of sites like MTO I feel that ENERGY.

I'm not like most people, I understand the importance of attacking negative ENERGY and coming against the notion that "anything goes" and "anything is accepted".  Without doing so there is no way to create standards and respect in the culture and our communities.

 So here we have a truly beautiful accomplished Black woman. A woman being insulted by the throw-away Kim Kardashian praising, trash of this era just because she grew older and gained weight. Why would anyone attack Jayne Kennedy? she's part of an era of woman who tried so much harder then the women of this era. She had more class, style and respect then most Black women of this era. What did she do?, why attack her?

This is why I tell people don't support the advertisers on MTO, do not click on their ads. Anything being advertised on MTO can be purchased elsewhere, do a google search. MTO is a site that fosters disrespect in the youth today. It's as if they urge it. MTO knows this is a disrespectful generation and play into that to make money. They know that because their site brings out the lowest consciousness in people and allows many to be simple and silly. It's irresistible like watching the wreckage from a car crash. Viewing and commenting on sites like MTO takes no effort to think. On the other hand sites like my sites take more thinking skills, hence my expanding readership but still only a few comments.

I will only post one current picture of Jayne Kennedy. A picture that shows she still has a beautiful ENERGY.
Always keep your head up Jayne and never listen to the negativity of this race, we have mutated over the years and lack respect.

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