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Wacka Flacka Gets No Love

I’m about to show how complex I am. I’m complex in an ENERGY sense. I can absorb the ENERGY of someone and make a lot of determinations.

I like Waka Flocka, yep I said it and no, it’s not hypocrisy based on the things I say on this site.

I see through Waka Flocka and I can tell he’s yet another smart dude not pushed. I can always tell brothers who have the smarts but aren’t in environments where it comes out the right way. Now granted I haven’t thoroughly studied his music yet, I’m just going by the ENERGY I’ve felt coming from him.

He seems like he was raised with a mother who loved him. So he seems less “rabid”, hard and crazy than other Brothers. He seems like he’s a “joksta” and doesn’t like any real drama, he’s said so many times.

Well, that still doesn’t mean the Universe would not make him feel his ENERGY and the strong ENERGY coming from his music.

I’m amazed by certain rappers sometimes. They think that the strong challenging ENERGY of their music just dissipates when they put down the microphone. Nope it doesn’t!   

So why did Waka Flocka recently say that he was going to quit the industry in one year?
Here’s what he said when he was asked about it on-air on the Ryan Cameron Show on Atlanta's V103 radio station:
"Yep, absolutely true," the rapper said on the air. "The game, as a whole, is fake. I'm tired of going what I go through, and at the end of the day, the forecast is always rain ... rain on my world.
"It's so much different haters, different fake smiles, different hugs. So to prevent myself from doing anything, I just rather quit," Waka continued. "I'd rather work at Wal-Mart than rap. I promise, and that's my word on God."
Now who are the snakes? I can picture snakes all around him because the Universe doesn’t want him to make money in that way without adding more balance to his life. His focus on negative ENERGY puts him out of metaphysical alignment.

But here are the snakes I picture:

Other Black men-----I just pointed out that I believe Waka Flocka comes from a home where he clearly felt his mother loved him. Well, not all Brothers come from households like that. So they are more evil and have less love in their hearts.  Now let’s face it, Waka Flacka’s music doesn’t necessarily bring out the little bit of love they may have in their hearts. Lol

No, instead his music is made to tear down the spirit of his brothers.

In turn they don’t want to see him rise. The strongest ENERGY sent through music by rappers like Waka Flocka today is “you ain’t shi*t without money”, “whoever has the most money is more of a man”………………………….So no, no, no consciously or subconsciously other Brothers will not want to see someone like Waka Flocka rise.

That’s a curse rappers of this era have put on themselves. They make it, then turn around and send an ENERGY that other Brothers ain’t shit if they don’t have money and “ball” like them.

Bottom-line, this type of ENERGY has brought hatred amongst Black men and has made Black men more challenging towards each other. Black men are at odds with each other like no other era or point in time.

As long as rappers like Waka Flocka talk down to Brothers in their music, there Brothers will NOT want to see them rise. As long as they send the message to their Brothers that if they don’t have money and status they are less then, they will not want to see them rise.

Second possible (so-called) snake

The Industry----------Boy oh, Boy, I wish many of these rappers had high conscious people in their lives to tell them that no matter what they see on T.V. the admiration they receive from insiders is fake.
Rappers are the least respected type of artist in the industry. Most rappers are dealt with and tolerated based on how much money they can pull in. Even then when the industry gets tired of a rapper and/or his inflated ego they can discard him at will.

Rappers have to jump through many hoops and they have the most to lose. They’re not like some White girl hoping to make it as a singer. If she doesn’t make it she can just go get a nice comfy office job. Most rappers are beyond desperate and hungry. They believe that rapping is the only way for them to reach a point where they can get respect. They believe that rapping is the only way for them to make a lot of money other than selling drugs.

The industry knows this. Most rappers wouldn’t tell the community but they would be willing to work for peanuts, as long as they could keep up an illusion. It’s the same thing that Black men do in the community; they simply try to keep up illusions of power.

Another factor, (and this might be too deep for most) is, the fact that people consciously or subconsciously hate the egotistical ENERGY of rappers.

What does that mean, doesn’t that sound peculiar? It might, but it’s the truth.

At the end of the day, people have a problem with someone who gloats and brags about things that are illegal, or immoral.  People like to deflate the ego of those who are like this periodically. They don’t like to see them too happy; they don’t like to see them become too successful. It becomes irritating and people will attack what they have seemed to build up.

This happens with most entertainers but Rappers are considered the bottom of the barrel.
They become like the gingerbread man. People will feel the urge to pick at, and bring down what is subconsciously irking them. I will explain more about the gingerbread man ENERGY later, an ENERGY that Black men portray and carry-out so well. The ENERGY I just described also explains entities like the Hip Hop police and why they target Black men.

I’ll end by saying Waka Flocka must understand that the ENERGIES that he attracts he attracts for a reason. Together with the fact that yes, the music industry is full of snakes that are snakes to people for different reasons.

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