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Rhianna Continues to Make Alcohol Her Comfort

Rhianna drinking Corona and taking shots.

Most people in society are desensitized by the new age drug culture that is running wild in American. We sigh when people like Amy Winehouse falls prey to drug and alcohol addiction. We sigh then move on. We sigh and move on to witness the next person who follows the same path.

Of course we don't come against the ENERGY of that person, instead we enable them. We convince ourselves it's normal, and secretly like to see how the show will unfold. It's like watching a horror movie, or the aftermath of a car wreck, it's irresistible to many.

Now, here we have Rhianna falling prey to drugs and alcohol due to the pressures of the entertainment industry. We see this, but we don't have much to say. We convince ourselves it's not that bad and normal. All around us the Universe demonstrates that this is not true but people like to think of things in the most simplistic way. People subconsciously keep their thinking simple so that they can go eat, do drugs and alcohol themselves while not having to truly worry about the problem. Probing and concentrating on a problem takes time and ENERGY. Most people simply rather exist until an ENERGY  becomes overwhelming.

Well, I have a higher consciousness that understands the need to address growing ENERGIES, ENERGIES that have the potential to effect they way people think. This is why both Black and White women have strung out daughters now. The culture brainwashes them to think that they are not normal if they don't drink. The culture bashes the notion into their heads that real fun happens when you're high or drunk.

I always knew that Rhianna had a drinking and drug problem, her actions can be hidden from low conscious people but not those like me. Rhianna has a delicacy and lack of strength that puts her in the category of someone who uses substances to be able to cope with life. Of course she is fine with that and is surrounded by those who NEED to do the same thing, so she doesn't feel out of place. In fact it's always a subliminal game in the industry of who will crash and burn next, despite the many traveling down that path themselves.

To go a little deeper it's important to understand that; the type of career and image Rhianna has chosen to have makes it almost essential, and necessary for her to have something to numb her.

 Of course it's bound to get out of hand and show up in the most bizarre ways. In these pictures it seems as if Rhianna has developed an "Ecstasy" problem along with her drinking problem.

For those who aren't familiar with ecstasy. Ecstasy causes it's host to become very affectionate and crave touching and feeling. It's almost compulsive. Some make the mistake of forcing themselves to have sex while on Ecstasy. I say they force themselves because while Ecstasy makes a person feel good, God and this Universe made sure that it's difficult to achieve orgasm. It's frustrating for a man to attempt to do so.

Some men will take Viagra and Ecstasy together in order to have an erection due to not being able to have one while on Ecstasy alone.This is because Ecstasy inhibits the bodies ability to release, it constricts your blood vessels and body fluids. There have been many cases where Ecstasy users have died from too much water consumption. The amount they drank could have easily been drunk by someone not on Ecstasy with no problem, but because an Ecstasy user cannot release bodily functions it suffocates the kidney's.

So here's the question; should Rhianna's problems be able to play out in front of her peers and young people in a casual way without them being addressed? Should we allow her to hide behind the fact that no one says anything, or should we be verbal about it, bring shame to her and in the process the youth see that it's not something to fall into?

I'm going with the latter because drug use has become an epidemic amongst the youth in this culture.  See celebrities go into their own little world sometimes and shelter themselves around others like them. They don't want the responsibility of being a role model. Being a role model that takes to much discipline, concentration and effort.

Some are saying well that's true and they have the right to feel this way, but this is where God and this Universe slays them.................please read the following multiple times if you have to.

It does NOT matter that these celebrities don't want to be a role models, wish you they weren't role models and try not to be role models, the fact of the matter is, they are role models.
It's sought of like Obama saying he only wants to move and effect those in America and not others who observe him. When you have a strong ENERGY it is felt by many. When you are levitated above other ENERGIES your ENERGY becomes more in focused.

So God and this Universe doesn't accept celebrities saying they don't want to be or wish they weren't role models. This Universe will send the message to them that despite what they wish; they are role models and watch to see how the celebrity absorbs this reality.

So it's important to make celebrities like Rhianna feel subconscious about their actions. Their actions should be called out and talked about in a way that puts pressure on them to try a little harder before the youth. They should never have or feel the comfort of being able to do anything they want. They should not be able to put any ENERGY into this Universe without repercussions from the people.

This is important because the Universe observes the actions and reactions of the people, and will send more of the same ENERGY according to what the people accept. The good thing is the Universe will also take this ENERGY away if the people don't accept it.

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