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Planking vs. Owling

“Planking” vs “Owling”

Why the competition? Well, I don't put both actions side by side as a competition. So the next question you might ask is: why do I compare the two actions?

Well, I’m not comparing them. If you are familiar with the ENERGY of my sites you will know that I am talking about just that, ENERGY. I am comparing the ENERGY of the two.

When I say “vs.” I’m implying to which is worst, which action seems more innocent and which has a better ENERGY.

Let me backtrack for all those who are confused, and I’ll try to keep it short lol, when you first see my articles it seems like a lot, but they can be read in one minute or less, believe me. Unfortunately too many Black people are simply turned off by written words. It’s intimidating, boring and confusing to some. It takes away from the simple ways most of them think in.


Recently two “crazes” hit the internet. Simple “crazes”, “crazes” I wouldn’t even think of and I have an imaginative mind, “crazes” that have no meaning or purpose. They probably symbolize a group of people high on drugs, pills or some type of influence. Lol

I miss the days when we could see people acting crazy, silly and simple in the movies, and on T.V. (not reality) but didn’t have to watch it virally. We even knew people did silly things all throughout society, at parties, with friends, even some of us have acted silly.

But as we all know we have the internet now, so I guess hoping for that type of scenario is idealistic at this point. Or is it? With critical thinking skills and more balance in ENERGIES this does not have to be unobtainable.

Now we have to deal with people doing anything with no meaning. They simply do things “just because”. Sought of like someone who goes nuts with a camera when they first buy it. The only difference is we are force to watch and observe ridiculous things in CONCENTRATION. In turn, it dumbs down society, the culture and entertainment. Despite this, both White and Black people want to know why their children act RETARDED, lol , lol I laugh with God about that and he laughs with me too.

God gave us minds that are so complex that we could have entertainment, stimulation, broadness, silliness and every other ENERGY mixed together. So you would never opt to allow the dominating ENERGY to become silliness, or frivolousness, or dull creativity. You wouldn’t do this because as you can see you become lost in that type of ENERGY. Its fun to experience it but you must have balance. It’s a type of entertainment that is so easy, and effortless to portray that you wouldn’t want to give that type of ENERGY too much power.

Remember people consciously or subconsciously resort to EASY over and over again.
Anyhow, let me explain the “crazes” and why "Planking" is a major ENERGY fail for Black people...........

Recently a series of people decided they would take “Planking” photos, make them viral and encourage others to follow.

“Planking” is where a person lies on a thin object face down very still like a wooden plank. Though White people can be seen “Planking”, Black people are being criticized for it. Because of the positioning and how Black people look when they are “Planking” people are claiming that it closely resembles the way slaves where transported on the ships making the hellish journey from Africa to America…..……………….I will go on in a moment.
Now, before I say what I have to say about “Planking”, let me just go into what the other craze is which is “Owling”. “Owling” is a new craze being done where a person simply positions themselves in an owl position and go "whooo whooo" like an owl. Just like “Planking” they make sure their bodies are still, so that they are photographic and capture the ENERGY of being an owl.

Ok, ok so we have two different “crazes” “Planking” and “Owling”. Some might be saying so what’s the point what’s the issue?

Here’s the issue, and you must understand my complexity! I don’t care if the idea of “Planking” originated from someone trying to re-enact how slaves where positioned and transported to slavery. Nor do I care if the term “Planking” is the actual term used to describe the positioning of the slaves on the slave ship.

The fact of the matter is, since it was brought up that IT DOES HAVE AN ENERGY OF SLAVES BEING TRANSPORTED ON THE SLAVE SHIP. I would not do it. I know it might not have been the intention of some to make “Planking” seem to relate to slavery, but that doesn’t erase ENERGY.


Well “Planking” is not some sport or tradition; it’s something senseless that does NOT have to be done. So once you see that people think of and feel the ENERGY of slavery when they see you “Planking” Black people, why would you proceed?
Is it a necessity? See this is why I don’t like to be around or live around Black people in concentration. Because Black people don’t understand the concept of letting some things go. And we don’t seem to have the ability to sacrifice certain “wants” to support a bigger cause, picture or ENERGY.

We can confidently, (at least I could) confidently, tell Black men of this era that they have so many retarded, asinine, dumb-down, stupid ENERGIES going on that they don’t have to create a “Compound Effect” like Darren Hardy, lol, lol, lol. They need to understand you can let this one go.

Let this one go, because your motionless body does look like a broken slave. Let this one go because some people wish to see you in that position because you seem so worthless in this era. Let this one go because we have not created an “Emerald City” where Black men are the picture of strength and can play around in this way.

Black men LET THIS ONE GO…………..

Now let’s get into why I am comparing the ENERGY of “Planking” to “Owling”. If I had the money and ya’ll was righteous enough to make me rich like MediaTakeOut, I would hold a cash contest to see if you could guess why I compare the two.

But I’ll just tell you. Which ENERGY seems the most innocent and sane? What has “Owling” been compared to? Nothing, it’s like a pure, comical, innocent ENERGY compared to “Planking”.

The ENERGY, and comedy of “Planking” was interrupted by something REAL and SERIOUS. It’s something that many including myself have visualized throughout life, wondering how it was for slaves to be transported to America; wondering how it would have been to be a slave being transported on the slave ship. I have wondered these things, so have many of us.

So what do I have to say to sum up “Planking” again LET IT GO! You must try again, because you CAN feel the ENERGY of the slaves being transported through the “Planking” photos and because “Planking” does not symbolize anything meaningful, so LET IT GO, TRY AGAIN, it should be easy to do so because it’s not a necessary action. This particularly goes for Black people and Black men.

Use your broad (?) minds to create something that could not so SEEMINGLY relate to something tragic. Remember focus, focus “Planking” IS NOT NECESSARY and you are not exactly operating with the best image to begin with.

Oh and if the young Black kids start “Planking”, I can’t reach you but envision me slapping you, ok. Something I would never do I’m too classy, but I say that in an ENERGY way.

Check out a Slave Who Died while “Planking” LOL

Having said all of that, I must add something that relates to both “Planking” and “Owling”………..………..

I know I must accept the fact that we are all still like children in a candy store for the first time when it comes to the Internet. We just can’t believe and get over the fact that we can start viral trends, rumors, pictures, videos and all the other things that translate to an ENERGY of being a temporary star.

At the same time it’s important to have balance. Without balance you create a very fast paced, simple, dumb down, creatively dull society and as you can see that has its repercussions. In this metaphysical Universe we have “Free Will”, having “Free Will” results in many ENERGIES being made. These ENERGIES are like a foggy mist and will hover over and penetrate its surroundings before dissipating.

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