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Mother Ends Torment Quick (Cute!)


I came across this animated "gif", and I just had to post it. Thanks to the Mom it turns out to be a funny clip not a mean or abusive one. The mother in this clip obviously thought her little baby boy would love a walking talking elephant. Well, she was wrong, luckily she immediately realized it. She didn't do like some parents and say "oh he's just scared at first he will get over it".

Kids absorb, feel and react to ENERGY too, they just don't have the consciousness to explain why they feel as they do. In this case, I'm sure he's never seen a walking person, or thing smaller then him. And then it seems so determined to charge at him. It could be many reasons but this little boy makes it clear, this little thing is too weird for him.

That's how torment and bad memories start. Hopefully his Moms quick reaction will prevent him from having a fear of elephants when he gets older, lol, lol.

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