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Meagan Good Takes What She Can

I'm sorry I just can't get with this race at times. I simply can't connect with Black people.

Sometimes I think we are slow and retarded. To do the same thing over, and over, and over again. And portray the same thing over, and over, and over again, is amazing to me. It's sad but amazing.

So here we have Meagan Good set to star in another typical same ole, same ole Black movie "Video Girl". Not only is the premise of the movie simple, but the title is too.

Sometimes I think this race lacks the capability of being creative and creating new art. It's the same crap. Same storyline and quite frankly, I am embarrassed, tired, and resentful to have to be tied to a seemingly simple race.

What's the storyline of the movie? Well, hold on to your seats it's gets complex.

Meagan Good plays a small town girl who moves to L.A. to become a video vixen.

Get the gun can I shoot myself now, or maybe the simple Black people who keep these story-lines going. Black people are boring to me, always have been. Those who have a vast, creative mind are disbursed amongst the community like little drops of water amongst waves.

Of course I haven't seen it, so all I can hope is that there is a message. Here's the problem though. People underestimate the impressionable simple mind. And impressionable, simple mind would not be able to get past what seems exciting about a scenario and they forget the rest.

A simple, impressionable mind all they see is looks, clothes, money. They feel that if they have those things, even though the other person fell, they will be able to make better moves and succeed.

They fail to realize that everything does not revolve around people. The Universe has laws of nature, and when you go against them the Universe has to put obstacles in your way. The Universe would never allow a woman to go into the life of being a provocative video girl, stripping or hooking without spiritual and/or physical consequences.

This is because that is not the path you where designed to take. That is not the path the Universe wants you to take, so there will be many obstacles of all forms. These obstacles are designed to hopefully wear you down, where it knocks you back on the path you should be on.

So most of the girls that enter into this life get caught up in all the ENERGIES that are strong in the environment. That includes drugs, alcoholism, prostitution and hustling. The Universe would never allow you to walk into an environments with strong negative ENERGIES without you absorbing them.

That's why I don't live around Black people in concentration now. It doesn't matter how nice I am or how much I try, if I am in an environment with those who don't I suffer from their ENERGY.

Anyway good luck to Meagan Good, it's sad she couldn't grow from "Eve's Bayou" but has to regress, but because we don't have an "Emerald City" what can we expect?. Ruby Dee being in this movie is another indication that we need to be able to supply better roles to Black actors.

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