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If I had Five Homes

Ok I like this home. It's unique, it's different. It shows just how creative you can be when designing and decorating a home. So creative you can opt for a pool in the "Living Room" instead of the backyard. However this home is not the most practical, especially with a family.

You would definitely have to teach your children how to swim at a very young age if you had a family in a home like this. And of course forget carpets. As you can see in the pictures you cannot have carpets in the same room as the pool. That includes the living room. The  pool would have to be kept in top condition and maintained often. The idea of smelling chlorine all the time is another factor. Also mosquitoes and other insects love stagnant bodies of water.

So as I said before, if I had five homes, I wouldn't mind one of them being a getaway like this.

Enjoy, I will post pictures of other homes periodically.

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