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Harry Potter Resists the ENERGY of his Culture

When it comes to alcohol and drinking, I don't think anyone can match the ENERGY of White people. That doesn't mean that White people drink more than any other race. It simply means they have the strongest ENERGY in the media when it comes to drinking.

I have seen White culture over the years go from the ENERGY of the movie "Animal House". To alcohol seeming to debilitate the culture to where White girls, are just passed out drunk waiting to be used. And White guys get drink to be able to do so.

 In "Animal House" the ENERGY of alcohol was just something college kids did while, laughing joking around and playing practical jokes.

In white culture and society now alcohol as become like a crutch. It's become something used to not only have fun and let loose, but alcohol is increasingly being used to function. And be able to "get wild".

Harry Potter makes this clear. Daniel Radcliffe recently came clean about his battle with alcohol and how it could have destroyed his career. I respect Harry Potter (Radcliffe) for not only being honest, but being honest about the fact that alcohol became his only way to function. I'm impressed that it only took him a few years to realize alcohol can change your life for the worst.
"I became so reliant on (alcohol) to enjoy stuff," he said in an interview to be published in GQ's August edition. "There were a few years there when I was just so enamored with the idea of living some sort of famous person's lifestyle that really isn't suited to me."
I want to go a little deeper into what he said, because it relates to all substance abuse.

Once you take a substance and link it to an activity, it becomes hard to enjoy that activity without the substance. At the same time the substance has a grip on it's host and will start to destroy the host and all that is in it's surroundings.

Wait, let me get even deeper.

Everyone thinks that the world revolves around only people and events. People don't realize that this world was designed by God in a metaphysical way at the beginning of time. Now having said that, people must realize that when you choose certain routes you are coming against this metaphysical world, not people. And because this world was designed where each person is to find their spiritual destiny, alcohol addiction does not fit in this equation.

When someone develops an addiction, the Universe will eventually make the addiction the persons misery. Why? because as I stated it's not part of their destiny. They are going against their destiny and what they where designed for. So all that can result is pain and obstacles. The pain and obstacles they experience are designed so that they will hopefully get back on their path to their true destiny.

I will talking about this more in future articles because drugs and alcohol has become an epidemic in Society due to it being heavily in the culture. People are making many connections with drugs and alcohol. There are people who could not have fun or enjoyable sex without being drunk or high. This is the consequence of falling into the trap of drugs and alcohol. Your body will crave it.

It seems fun, it seems wonderful, until your life spirals out of control. Until you bring misery to yourself and others. You will become frustrated, angry and lost because you don't want to be addicted. In your subconscious mind you don't want to be addicted you want to have control but don't have it. This causes frustration and a break down of the mind and soul.

Understand there aren't to many negative entities God and this Universe would allow someone to take to without suffering repercussions.  If this was allowed we would not find our spiritual path or progress in life.

I wish Harry Potter (Radcliffe) well. I think he's in a better position then most because he understands the connections people make with drugs and alcohol. He understands how alcohol can make you think things are more fun, but opens your life to destruction.

Some people never learn this and they become a walking disaster because God and this Universe makes sure that you not only suffer spiritually the repercussions but physically and emotionally.


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