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Drug Compulsion Gone Bad

No matter how many times people warn others about the dangers of drug addiction people don't listen. Many people think that if they just do certain things differently or if they just take a little, they will be ok.

So I would like to present another example which shows that taking addictive drugs will never turn out how you want it to. You will never have the control you think you can have. Here’s an example of that:

Attleboro police said Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd showed a Walgreens pharmacist a note on his SmartPhone Sunday afternoon, saying he had a bomb and demanding prescription drugs.
Here’s the thing, he did this hours before his band’s concert. He fled the Walgreens pharmacy with six bottles of Oxycontin and took a cab to his bands tour bus. He was arrested before the show and the band played on without him.

On an ENERGY level it’s clear to see that his addiction has reached a dangerous level. To threaten to bomb a place in order to get drugs means the monkey is on your back now. It means no planning was involved and he simply needed the drugs to function, now. I’m sure he didn’t anticipate getting the drugs in that way, he simply resorted to doing what he did to make the pain stop.

It reminds me of a man who came into the convenience store I worked in and snatched the donation box off the counter and ran. There where only pennies and other coins in the box, but it didn’t matter. When the monkey is on a person’s back they throw all reason out the door.

Let me take a shot at effecting potential drug users.

Like I said despite how many times people are warned about the dangers of drugs they still take them. They take them and become addicted, and hate themselves for falling into the trap. So I want to point out one reason amongst the many of why they should not become an addict. The main and strongest ENERGY that should make you not want to take drugs is the fact that you will become a slave.
Absorb the ENERGY of being a slave because that is what you will become to the drug you become addicted to. This is intensified when you have connected the drugs with an action. If you convince yourself, you cannot function, listen to music, have sex, have fun or be social and free without drugs, once you make that connection it will be true. It will feel like you cannot enjoy certain things without drugs. You will feel that you cannot relax or be free without them. It’s the same with alcohol.

It’s sad and scary! Allowing this addiction to form will make you feel like a rat on a rat wheel. You will feel like you cannot stop, you must keep getting the drug no matter how tired or frustrated you are. As this story demonstrates once addicted to drugs you will not be able to prioritize what’s important. The only thing important will be getting the drug. Everything else comes second. You will even risk your life, and safety to buy something you could have gone through life without.

Just the knowledge of knowing you could have done without the drug brings a feeling of being trapped and frustrated to many heavy drug users. There lives become miserable just like this Bassist, who has been replaced by another band member for the rest of the tour.


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