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The Culture Swallows Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is deep within the negative ENERGIES of this culture, he’s far gone. The deeper you go into a negative ENERGY the harder it is to get out. The Universe makes sure of this. The Universe makes sure that it’s a struggle for you to get back on the path you should be on. The Universe does this so that your experiences toughen you. When it’s tough to get out of a situation the person dreads relapsing more than if they’re actions had no consequence.

The Universe knows this, that’s why it ignores many people’s pleas for mercy and their hope for the easy way out of a situation.

When you become dependent on certain ENERGIES and substances they melt into your life. You forget how to function without them. They become your escape.

What’s Allen’s recipe to escape and cope with life? Drugs, alcohol, gambling and strippers, all the strong ENERGIES of this culture.
So of course it’s no surprise that Allen Iverson was recently “put on blast” for not showing up to promote his children’s camp.

It’s sad to see someone who cannot fight their demons. It’s even sadder when they must do this in the spotlight. Allen Iverson represents one of the many Black men who are propelled into the spotlight but show all the tendencies and ENERGIES of why the average Black man doesn’t succeed in the community. His talents are milked but he fails to progress mentally and mentality wise.

I wish Allen Iverson the best. He will need a strong foundation around him to get him to disconnect from the ENERGIES he’s connected to. Gambling is one of the worst addictions a person can have. It forces you to live life on a “rat wheel”.  You live life on a “rat wheel” because gambling extinguishes all of your money in an instant. It doesn’t trickle away like with other ENERGIES.

Strippers, alcohol and drugs simply strip your emotional ENERGY. You feel drained and empty, after you come down and face reality, or see that stripper grinding on the next man. lol

Anyway, I won’t make this a thesis like my other articles; I will explain this more later using the ENERGY of other celebrities. Stay Tuned

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