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Bow Wow Shows He Is Common

I know, I know when does the "bitchiness" stop, right? Well, never, especially when it comes to things that have a strong ENERGY in the community. At least I'm a righteous "bitch", lol.

Now can someone explain to me why, why did someone who could possibly afford to have a permanent condom molded to his dick, fall into stereotype. Why why create another broken family? He's not 30 or 40 Bow Wow is only 24.

Yes, I'm the annoying one, I have to be. At this point Black people have become numb to things like this. That's one of the reasons why I prefer not to live in concentration with Black people. I'm extra sensory, clairvoyant and have a high consciousness, so I can't just stuff fried chicken down my throat, mind my business and escape.

In Bow Wow's case the only question is "Why". Unlike some other Black men who make you want to shed tears of sorrow and dread if they said they where having a child, Bow Wow, does have money and he's not in the streets. He has the ability to care for a child and hopefully wouldn't put it through the wall in anger, like some street men. That doesn't mean he won't have to tone down his lifestyle though.

Unless he's raking in the dough, he will have to tone down the partying, buying materialistic things, and being extravagant. That's of course if he expects to continue to support himself, pay his bills, house payments, buy food, pay for transportation, eat and take care of a new baby.

He can't drop the responsibilities he already has, all he can do is tone down his life in order to support a child. So in saying that I ask again "Why". Why would a brother with so many options opt to do what everyday common men do and that is; have a baby with a woman he is not with nor cares to marry or truly be with?

Why not save that for someone you really care about and love? If you're confused by what I'm saying, read once again the things he will have to give up or tone down in order to take on new a responsibility. I'm sure most "thinking people" would agree that due to the fact that you have to add a new responsibility to your life, doing so with someone you love and at the right time is best. Doing it the other way wears you down and brings resentment, which sometimes leads to escapism and avoiding the child and situation all together.

I could go on and on and dissect some of the other ENERGIES of this situation. Particularly bringing up the fact that Black people have weighed on Bow Wow's masculinity every since he came out. Could this possibly have a little to do with this attempted display of manhood? I'll write more later...............

Good Luck Brother!


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