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Bobby Brown Forgets Normal Behavior

Bobby Brown is being accused of pulling a waitresses hair while at DJ Cassidy 30th birthday party, aboard the USS Intrepid aircraft in New York City, Wednesday night. The claim states he got mad when she walked away before he was finished talking so he pulled her ponytail. Bobby Brown claims it was done in a playful way.

Bobby Brown must understand that even if it was done in a playful way someone can claim differently. Not only is Bobby Brown in the spotlight, which always generates some type of cash. But, he also has a known drug and alcohol problem.

The combination of these things make him an easy target for someone who wants to exploit the situation. How much defense could he give himself?

His rep had this to say about the incident:
A rep confirmed the incident, saying, "It wasn't anything detrimental or anything. He did it in a playful way and it was fine. It was a misunderstanding. Everything was fine; no one had any issues."
It’s not serious, everything’s fine yet we hear about the incident. Bobby Brown must be careful and try to have as much common sense as possible, even when he’s drunk or high. And, I’m sure it’s safe to assume that probably was the case. By the way it's not the first time Bobby Brown has been accused of becoming physical with women while high at a party.


It’s good to hear New Edition is back together performing; hopefully they sing their most popular “bubble gum” songs but focus mostly on their older hits, it’s more fitting to their age.


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