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Black Model Faces Harsh Reality

Here's a Model Black People Wouldn't touch with a 10 Foot Pole yet......................

Leomie Anderson wants more opportunities in the fashion industry

Leomie Anderson should be happy with the scraps that she is getting. As Black people sometimes we are weird, idealistic and annoying.

Black men would not cast Leomi Anderson as a model, take a look at her. Remember many Black men would go to Africa and say “these are some ugly bit*ches, a truth that the Black race never speaks.
In fact, the work that she is receiving through the white fashion industry should be a blessing to her. Just like most Black people she was raised to look for signs of being victimized. Unfortunately they are usually in a person’s head. They think with emotion and not logic.

The White fashion industry does not have to have models outside of their race in haute couture fashion. Black women are not major contributors to upscale and haute couture fashion. Most Black women don’t go beyond the level of Macy’s and support more economical and urban fashions.
Despite this, many white designers have had mercy and included Black models in their shows. They know it’s not a necessity. They know that doing so simply adds a little diversity and spice and that is all they are trying to do. They are not trying to uplift the Black race and it’s self-esteem through the fashion industry, nor should they.

It is not the responsibility of White people to take a creative endeavor and make room for an equal amount of Black people to shine. This is unfair. This is going beyond civil rights. This is trying to dictate the creative process of someone’s mind. There are many designers that act out of their subconscious mind and based on what’s practical.

If you read Leomie’s open letter you will see that she points out the fact that most stylist and makeup artist don’t carry the tools and products to make up a Black model as they do White models. Often times they don’t have the right makeup or the expertise to style Black hair.  Should White people learn these things in order to open doors for Black people? Should White stylist learn Black hair, how many Black stylist know how to work a round-brush or do the hair of White women?

Many Black people would say, yes they should learn how to cater to Black people. I say “no they shouldn’t”. Only if they desire to, should they embark on the path and mission of being as capable with Black models as White ones.

I say it’s time for Black people to build our fashion empire and make a way for ourselves. The problem with this is, we would have to start with honesty. The first step towards honesty would be to admit that we want to be included in what is already successful. Building our own takes too much time and ENERGY. We want to appear successful now. We must admit that as a race, we have never really learned what sacrificing is.
The only way to build a civilization, economy or community is through sacrifice. You have to struggle to build.  You have to concentrate and have a dedication to build. This is something that we lack.

See if I was a White person I wouldn’t even open the door to Black people. I wouldn’t open the door to Black people because I would be able to clearly see that Black people are content with leaning heavily on me but they refuse to put forth the same amount of ENERGY.

People like people who try, people like people who have something, or are trying to have something, any other scenario becomes a burden. We are trying to obtain the unobtainable without any effort and that is unfair.
Let’s say a Black man is a top designer and his vision is Black women wearing his clothes and that’s his customer base. Why should he have equal amounts of White models?  Again this is his creative vision wouldn’t he sprinkle the white models in at will?

Does it seem unfair to allow a White man to have his own vision? Well, well let’s take a look at Black men and the fact that for years we have been hoping and trying to convince Black men that Black women who look like Leomie are pretty too.

Has it worked? lol

Black men in urban culture would take their last breath and die before they selected a leading lady like Leomie. These men would never select her to be the focal point in anything they do creatively. So it’s amazing, how once again, Black people expect others to do what they are not willing to do themselves.

It would seem to make sense that Black people would cast Leomie and select her as a model. But that is not the case, despite the fact that she is a Black person. So why should White people who are even more far removed from Black people, pick up the slack? Why should they be more merciful then this race?

We don’t even show White people the beauty of women like Leomie by having her everywhere in our culture representing us.  And I just HATE our way of thinking, because being a Black woman who has always loved Vogue, Bazaar and other major fashion magazines; I have seen White people cast the most Afro-centric Black women. Again this is not something Black culture does.  And our insecurity runs so deep that, when Black women do appear in these magazines Black people will claim it’s done to make these Black women look wild and crazy. They will claim that they are portraying Black women in a racist way.

We won’t touch Alex Wek, but we want White people to use her and do it according to our taste. See this is why the Universe ignores this race. We don’t have a sense of clarity within ourselves. We are insane. Our thinking process is screwed, flawed and metaphysically out of alignment.

I hope that one day while I’m alive I can witness Black people find the strength to totally immerse themselves in the building of this race, culture and our communities. I hope that we become so immersed in the strength of doing this we cease trying to bend society in a way that is unrealistic and unachievable.

Because again, if I were a White designer most models would be White, that is my vision my life and my essence. I would see my mother, my sister and my White sisters before I saw anyone else. It’s natural. Would I really be able to envision Black women beyond the ENERGY I feel coming from Black culture? Who knows, I wouldn’t try though that’s not my responsibility. And due to the fact that Black people don’t try to present the women of their race in a beautiful way, I really wouldn’t care, try or take the ENERGY to do something that has nothing to do with me.

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