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Amy Winehouse Wants to Be An Example

Sometimes I envision myself as Whoopi Goldberg's character Etta Mae in the movie Ghost. Sometimes it's real where I can feel the ENERGY of a spirit wanting to speak, and sometimes, as in this case, I simply absorb the ENERGY of the situation.

I'm sure everyone knows by now that Amy Winehouse unfortunately died at the age of 27 at her home in Camden, north of London. I'm also sure that everyone knows that she died due to her lifestyle and drug and alcohol abuse.

It's sad but what are the odds that people will learn from her death and not let it be in vain? I can tell you, very slim.

Many celebrities are like Amy Winehouse. Here on my blog I speak about them often. In fact my next article will discuss the fact that Rhianna is showing signs of drug and/or alcohol abuse. Once an addiction grips hold of it's host all sense of control goes out the window.

This is because once you allow drugs to merge into your life, it controls your life. Many people are hesitant to admit this, most people would like to think they have control. So instead, the person convinces themselves that their addiction is simply where they are now. They convince themselves that they can change when they want to.

It is important to understand that this is not true, this is rarely the case.

Guess why?

It has nothing to do with people, environments or society, it has to do with the Laws of Nature within this Universe. Humans weren't designed by God and this Universe to come to earth and live like Amy Winehouse. Therefore taking the path Amy did will only lead to pain. Pain in many forms, physical pain, spiritual pain, and the pain of not being able to get it together and get off of drugs.

Once you fall into drugs the Universe makes sure to make it difficult for you to escape. The Universe purposely does this so that a lesson is hopefully learned. If it was easy to turn your life around after having a drug addiction, you would never truly release yourself, many people face this unfortunate fact anyway.

I don't want to slam Amy's friends and family, so I won't. It's virtually impossible to help someone who doesn't help themselves. However I can't help but point out that Amy's friends either have drug addictions themselves or they were desensitized while seeing her go down hill.

That's where the line would have been drawn with me. I would have told Amy that I was her friend and loved her but I can't watch her disintegrate right before my eyes. I certainly would not have partied with her or watched her actually take drugs.

Shortly before Amy's death she brought multiple drugs including cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and the horse tranquilizer ketamine, from a dealer a little after 10:30 pm on Friday.” This is certainly enough drugs to cause problems especially when they are mixed together.

I won't keep this long, my heart goes out to Amy Winehouse who was a little tiny lady with a powerful voice.

Read an interesting article...... theories are circulating that she was setup, led down a path to addiction and ruin after being signed to Universal Music by Jay-Z, and murdered in a conspiracy by the Illuminati New World Order after attempting to break free from their control.

Read Sirius the Doggstar's website for more information on lllumanti

I love entertaining conspiracy theories even if they might not be completely true. I like them because there can be ounces of truth in them. I like to weigh and absorb the ENERGY of things so I too am heading to Sirius the Doggstar's website to see what I feel.

In closing, however Amy died may she rest in peace and may young people learn from her.


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