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Random Energy: Beyonce and Her Hair

I came across this picture of Beyonce that was taken a few months ago. It's a sad and disturbing picture. It clearly reflects someone who is trying to mutate into what they where brainwashed to think is better. A person will do this on a conscious or subconscious level.

It takes alot for a Black women to transform into this look, even for someone like Beyonce who already was light.

As a stated in a previous article women like Beyonce when they reach a certain level feel the obligation to be "cross-over". They can't simply be comfortable with "being attractive for a Black girl". Instead they feel they have to make the masses comfortable and accept their looks. And let's face it, in a society where Black people have no real tangible power many Black people feel the only way to truly be accepted in a broad way is to emulate those who are dominate. They need acceptance and approval to be able to escape the limitations of Black people. It's cool to be accepted by Black people, your own people; but true power comes from being accepted by those who dominate.

It's a sad conditioning many Black people have............Anyway.............

She looks like a REJECT and if I was a white girl everything would be cool unless she tried to say something to attack me. Then I would have alot to say about how she wants to be me and her whole life revolves around things I told her she should have. Including straighter hair.

Lol, that's the constant position of Black people. I think we should be grateful society isn't more brutal by our obvious lack of identity, class or direction. Our low self-esteem could be revealed through all the false bravado and quickly be used against us. After-all it is 2011, at this point if we haven't penetrated some of our brainwashing when will we?

Going into her third album this seems like the look she will go with. Of course I will not support her. I'm wise enough not to go into the mode of simply dealing with negative ENERGY and representation. I fight it with my mouth and through NO SUPPORT. If Black people had similar mentalities as a whole maybe we could truly build our communities and an "Emerald City"*

By the way here are some ENERGY comments made by people when seeing this picture:
its ok if she wants the white look its a (sexy ) look
she is soooo white! maybe it's not her, she can't be that white!
Lyndsay is so so much prettier and natural looking than this ghetto white wannabe.
How sad for minorities that every time the get famous they want to look like white women. Michael Jackson started this trend and it sets a bad example for kids.
she looks a BLOODLY joke! whats all that? she all fake anywayz....
for a moment there, i thought it was shakira!

Oh how I miss Authentic Black women, who seem to embrace themselves, not transform in the most dramatic ways to be accepted.

*Emerald City is the Black city Diana Ross's character (Dorothy) stumbled upon in the movie "The Wiz"

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