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What Eminem and My Dad Have In Common

I am happy to say I grew up with a Dad who didn't curse. I never heard my Dad say "What the Fu*ck", "I can't believe this sh*t", "What a Bit*ch", or "Screw that motherfu*cker" etc..lol. Even thinking about my Dad saying those things is funny.


I came across a video where Eminem states during an interview that he doesn't curse around his daughters. I respect him so much for this. So many young girls are being raised around jail culture Dads and they grow up harsh because of this.

In turn I don't like them. I will be perfectly honest. Many young Black girls coming up are nasty, have a nasty attitude and speak very harshly. This is due to the type of environments they grow up in, which sadly enough include having rough men at home and in their immediate surroundings.


All men, (even those deep in the streets) should take notes from Eminem. They should challenge themselves to tone it down for their daughters.......... After-all deep down most of y'all would rather your daughter not be with someone like you. So you cannot create a daughter who based on the ENERGY of how she was raised will metaphysically attract you in the end. If you remain the same this will inevitably happen because she will be conditioned to attract you and deal with your ENERGY not the ENERGY of another.

The same goes for taking these strippers, hookers and hoes from under the bed and parading them around in front of your daughters. It sends the wrong message and they will mutate. I will talk more about that later.You should be embarrassed. I long for the day Black men have a goal of showing that they are good fathers who make good decisions.

Anyway.............Hats off to Eminem, the odds are good that I would like his daughters. They are probably more feminine and less rough. Many girls who grow up with rough men become mutated. The ENERGY of how they carry and gesture themselves becomes rougher than a girl who was treated more delicately by the men she grew up around.

I must also take the time and say Thanks to my Dad". Because Dad cared and didn't curse around me and my brother. I would never shrug my shoulders or feel comfortable with a man who was harsh around my kids.


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