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Will Jamie Fox's Daughter Be Influenced by Amber Rose?

 Maybe she can be the next Miley, Bobbi or Lindsey

Yes, leave it up to me, I ask the craziest questions. You will learn that my questions, article titles and the way I express myself revolves around ENERGY.

So I asked the question does Jamie Fox's daughter listen to Amber Rose? Just like most things in our community Jamie Foxx's decision to allow Amber Rose to host a segment on his show reflects many things. And though Jamie Foxx's admiration for Amber Rose has to do with this culture and the fact that not doing so would challenge his masculinity in this culture; I am going to attack and discuss this from another angle.

Now, If it's a mystery to you, it won't be a mystery long that I despise the ENERGY of Black people in this era. I find it hard to think of one ENERGY that Black people produce collectively in this era that I respect. I do not respect black people in this era. It does not mean I don't meet individuals that I respect, but the ENERGY and the culture of this race is hard to respect.

Having said that, I think it's fair to point out the disappointment I feel when it comes to Black men and the type of women they expose openly to the youth and the world. I often talk about the parenting skills of Black women and how they choose to have children, but the same can be said of Black men. I'm simply a little harsher when I speak about Black women because I am a Black woman.

I am so outraged and disappointed in the type of women Black men openly admire and seem to glamorize in the spotlight.

Let me pause

I'm pausing because I know how the simple mind thinks. The simple mind is not complex, that's why it's simple. The simple mind does not understand compromise and weighing ENERGY.

I could care less what type of women Black men look at, jerk off to or drool over if they are kept under the bed. To flood this culture with trash like Amber Rose is an abomination to the self and this culture. These type of women need to be kept under the bed in the basement or in the bathroom.

I thank God every day that I had a father that would never drool over openly, not to mention bring a woman like Amber Rose around. My father would have never openly admired a woman like Amber Rose. If she was under his bed I wouldn't know it, it would be a contained ENERGY.

Black men in this era like Jamie Fox have the lowest standards, the worst parenting ENERGY and don't seem to care. Jamie Fox has a daughter of his own. Despite this he is ok with standing behind a woman like Amber Rose in order to make money.

I have a higher consciousness and think in a more complex way. So unless Amber Rose was the last woman alive who's attractive and had a nice body(neither has to do with being good on radio but anyway......)why would I empower her and her ENERGY. Why wouldn't I use my influence and exposure to empower a better ENERGY, after-all I could still have the other under the bed or in contained circumstances.

Black men need to admit that they are so numb and desensitized by a world they think is out to get them, they just don't give a DAMN about most things anymore.

Anyhow, hopefully Black men who aren't "Alpha Males" will take notes.............

When it comes to women like Amber Rose, you set the standards. Men can use them in many different ways, if they are convinced of a benefit. So, if you chose to empower them not only will their ENERGY grow, it will also transform the mentality of the women around you. They will be influenced by what seems to have your full attention.

It's important for me to point out that I do not attack individuals I attack ENERGY so Amber Rose could be Samber Rose, Ramber Rose or Wamber Rose it wouldn't matter her existence represents an ENERGY. I add this because it's hard for people to absorb a point when it seems like a personal attack. Amber Rose as well as the other media whores existed before they came to the spotlight. If someone knocked on my door and told me about them, I could care less. Now that they have emerged in the spotlight they are in the radar of the people.

When it comes to the ENERGY of the Amber Rose's of the spotlight, I find it amusing though sad that in an era where a stripper is empowered black men are seeing more and more women lowering their standards and objectifying themselves for attention. They don't want those ENERGIES in their future wives, but they don't realize they must keep the ENERGY of the Amber Rose's under the bed or it will manifest into the women around them.

See a low standard and low conscious man like Jamie Fox does not understand the importance of not allowing a certain ENERGY to become dominate. You never empower an ENERGY that can influence what you want in a way you don't want it to be influenced in. (Didn't understand read it again)

Most men long and wish for women who have more standards. Men with the highest conscious minds realize they can have adult entertainment, the hookers and hoes under their bed. They understand the fact that you would not want to release this ENERGY. You would not want this ENERGY to influence impressionable minds. And let's face it our communities are challenging and full of parents that don't care so impressionable minds run rapid in our environments.

It's important to point out that Black men with the highest consciousness does not need to constantly stimulate himself with illusions, but well talk about that later.

When it comes to Black women with impressionable minds it's important to understand  the simple way they think in. Most people are visual and will emulate what has visual dominance and what seems to be praised. It's something to think about when you witness women of this era radiating the ENERGY of the women who seem to be admired in this era. Even if these women represent, women who despite having moral and self esteem issues seem to be praised more then those who have set standards in their life.

To Black Men: I know (because I have a high consciousness)and you know that you could care less about women like Amber Rose. They are simply objects but the impressionable mind only sees what seems to be the result of an action. Women often times they don't see past the illusion of what they are being fed. Remember that when you are just living, not thinking and growing. By "just living" I mean you're in the mode of doing what the hell you want without thinking. You have to have critical thinking skills to be a true solider.


I'll write more about this later, I try to keep my articles my version of short. Later I will talk about the real ENERGY reason the Amber rose's, NeNe's and Kim K's have obtained fame. It's in a way that will always make drugs and alcohol their best friend in order to escape.

I know it might be too much to ask Black people, but those who have respect for themselves and the ENERGY of this culture would skip this show. It simply fuels a fire we have already started. I respect strong minds

Read More to Listen to Jamie Fox kiss the ass of a woman he thinks makes him seem more like a man. Kanye West made the same mistake too. Again I will discuss this later...............

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