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Jay Z Plays Out His Ego Through Sade

The Universe would never truly allow Jay-Z to feel as if he's powerful and runs things despite him trying to create this illusion. God is a humble God so a person who is very vain is never satisfied in a world which is run by a non-vain entity.

In this Universe a vain person will be pulled into a vortex of being in a maddening state of trying to feel what they can't feel. God and this Universe would never truly allow a vain person to feel like they are better then others. They will tell themselves that this is true and that they are the best. They will surround themselves with people that tell them this, but they never feel that it's true deep down. In fact the Universe will even throw in obstacles that humble the ego along the way.

Some learn from these obstacles that humble the spirit and tames the ego. And some have to become exhausted with this "ping pong" scenario before finally giving in and simply becoming grateful for their blessings.

The Universe does not respond well to vanity metaphysically. The Universe comes against vanity by blocking the vain person's ability to truly feel the best. This may not be apparent on the surface to some. It becomes evident when the person  tries to dominate in ways that seem less destiny driven or spiritual, but more like "winning a competitive game". And while many might say there is nothing wrong with this, it does not metaphysically work when it's done within creative environments. Creative expression should be as genuine as possible.

So Jay-Z's illusion has temporarily possessed Sade and she has lowed her standards. Sade stated that she would never do a collaboration with a rapper. Ironically this was said just a few months ago. Now we hear that Sade has collaborated with Jay-Z for a song.

Though feeling slightly dissed by Sade's statements you would think that most Rappers would understand being that Sade is legendary and has always had a consistent ENERGY. But no not Jay-Z of course Jay-Z would find a way to make that happen. And as a Sade fan I ask "why".

See that's the question and ENERGY that allows you to see this is about his ego. Why does he need to convince Sade to do a collaboration with a Rapper? She has never done so, her music doesn't really support it and it seems forced.

Leave it up to one of the most vain ENERGIES in the industry to shake-up Sade's ENERGY and claim the impossible to feed his ego and sense of power.

We've never really gotten the chance to absorb the ENERGY of Sade's character outside of her music. She's an entertainer that likes to keep a low profile. Most people would be possessed by Jay-Z's money, in turn be hesitant to say no to him. After-all; when it comes to Rappers he's the lesser evil. He's also respected slightly more in many circles then other rappers. I guess when faced with this scenario only the strongest survive.

Judging by the reaction and critics of Sade's last album "Solider of Love" maybe she subconsciously ensuring that she stays relevant. After-all it's Jay-Z's job to seem the most relevant and powerful in the industry, he's beyond just selling records, he creates, molds and discovers careers.

As a Die Hard Sade fan I'm not impressed that she crossed the line and now wears the mark of Hip Hop. In my eyes it's the ENERGY of giving in and being desperate.

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