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Could Rappers Navigate the World Without Rap?(An Energy Article)

Picture a Rapper in front of a predominately white crowd in Germany or Russia letting them know exactly how Black men: think, act, treat women and remain infantile even as they age.
By now y'all know I am mean, or at least I sound mean. But I am mean in a righteous way. Mean in a way that simply means I speak the truth.

Now being a higher conscious person sometimes I think of things the average minded person would not think about. Many low conscious people miss things or do not catch things because subconsciously they do not want distractions that keep them from life's comforts. Unlike many of them I do not just want the T.V. fried chicken, collar greens or beer. I do not build a life finding joy in things outside the spirit to feel comfort.

You rarely grow when you are too comfortable.Anyway..........

I am being cantankerous (look it up, lol*) because we have become desensitized as a race. It doesn't seem like there is an ability to mold our culture in a more diverse or positive way. Instead we empower the negative ENERGY of those who leave the community to become celebrities. Black people who simply have money in mind not the empowerment of this race and culture.

Back in the day despite the craziness in our communities when a person became famous we wished them well and sent them off but told them to do a good job representing.

Now a Black man can look and be the biggest jackass he can dream of being. Are you embarrassed? I am and these aren't my brothers or sons. Of course I am sure these are the types of mothers who do not understand ENERGY. They do not know how to tell their sons that people will pay to see a jackass or even like him from afar if they can make them dance. As long as they are not their neighbors, truly powerful or too close for comfort they are fine.

Anyway, Here's my question: Could the average Rapper navigate this world without rap? Could they hold their head up in diverse circles?

What do I mean by that?

Well simply put, based on most mainstreams rappers IQ which is seemingly low. And the fact they do not posses skills that make them particularly worldly, How could they survive navigating the world and trying to communicate with others.

Based on the ENERGY of the Waka Flocka's, Gucci Mane's, Jim Jones's and other seemingly slow Rappers, where would they go? What could they do? Who would respect them? Would they have to travel from slum to slum or could they mingle, relate to and communicate with all types of people?

Here's a video that gives you an example of what I mean?

These are the types of people we empower to represent this race. Black people who are more positive have sat back while the underworld of our communities rose to power and have become reflections of us.

Some Retard Black people will say "no, no they do not reflect me." Well I did not say tell me what your little pea brain thinks within its idealistic mind. Or how you feel things should be, I speak about reality. And the reality is that "perception is everything." It doesn't matter if you do not want this culture to reflect Black people. The fact of the matter is, it is.

Because Rap seems idolized it empowers the ego of these men despite their ignorance. They do not have to concentrate on their ignorance. They concentrate on being idolized even if people are doing so for the wrong reasons. We allow that. We allow the conscious progression of Black men to be halted by enabling them in negativity. We cheer their destruction on. Rap brings money to these guys and money brings illusions of true power. With this combo they fail to grow mentally and feel they are at a peak. If you give an idiot money they will still be an idiot unless they use the money to grow consciously.

We have enabled Black men in the community in the same way. We have allowed Black men to become convinced that aggression is power. We decided to do this subconsciously because Black men have no other way of feeling power. Because this type of empowerment was never addressed that negative ENERGY has simply grown over the years and has mutated to the point where aggression is the main way many Black men prove he is a man.

It's a deeper more complex issue. I will talk more about this later, I just like to throw out things I think of here and there, particularly things that revolve around ENERGY.

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* We should all be in the state of trying to expand our vocabulary. We must understand that generally speaking we do not come from environments where we are challenged. We must create these challenges. so that we can all grow.

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