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Are You Fooled By Cookie Cutter Notes On Social Sites?

I am so embarrassed for those women who fall for the cookie cutter notes on social sites. Of course most would have to excuse me because I have a higher consciousness that sees through most things, so I can be a bit annoying as one can see with my site. I see the core of most things.

The ENERGY of these cookie cutter letters remind me of Black men who are prison who write to as many woman as they can on the outside. It's easy to determine a "cookie cutter" note because it's never personal, the note could be written to anyone. Or in my case, where I'm simply promoting my site via Social networks the person will say they read my page or profile. Lol, lol I'm sure you can imagine based on my website that my profile says some pretty dramatic things. So to not mention them would be weird wouldn't it?

Here's an example of some notes I've gotten, that are simply hilarious:
Hi dear I was browsing through this dating site just glance through your gorgeous profile and thought i should appreciate you by sending you a message ...I like what i see and would love to get to know you better...I would love us to start a serious conversation just feel free to send me a message.I am looking for friendship initially,hopefully leading to something in the future. Having review your profile i sensed we might share some things in common .If you feel that you might be interested I´d love to hear from you.... You can get me through (marknwabuoku@yahoo.com)If you don't mind,you can add me to your yahoo list so that we can meet online and get to know each other better. I would treasure a real friend and partner to share the good and bad along the way for the rest of my life.Hear from you real soon.
Here's another one. This note lays it on so thick it's almost unreal. It reflects the fact that alot of Black women are like Oprah Winfrey's character Mattie Michael in "the Women of Brewster Place", you can tell them anything and they will drop their draws. Jackee Harry's character Etta Mae in The Women of Brewster Place also made this fact evident.

Guess what here's a hint that tells you that this is true: Men would not do what does not work, they observe what works and will act accordingly.
Ma You are My TEXT BOOK DEFINITION OF SEXY (notice the correct spelling because (You) is how it should be said) most of the females are up here on the internet thinking that they are all that but they are NOT ! they are simply NOT sexy enough, not proportionate enough, not curvy enough, not smart enuff, to be all that! but u Damn You are model material all day long baby. INTELLIGENT, CONFIDENT, SEXY, CURVY FEMALE SUCH LOVELY SWEET THANG... you are single handedly leading the Beautiful girl revolution by transforming your Hypnotic pics into poetic expressions of pure sensuality and sexuality, your beauty and nice shape iS unparalleled by any girl i have ever seen on or off the internet and I am sure you are the visual play thang of many many men and the envy of curvy women from across the states. You really stand out and make a statement in your photographs and it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the growing audience and fanbase of supporters that you have here on the net You are truely amazing, and I have not seen a Beautiful curvy female with the confidence or the physique to contest what you have lorenzo says BRAVO my sweet.... BRAVO
i luv your pretty girl swaggg in front of this whole bp nation on you i will brag drop me ur number so i can call or text you sometime
The above note might be an African Nigerian trying to build a relationship in order to scam money, A guy I chatted with explained that that is common on social networks and almost happened to him.

Later I also want to talk more about the ENERGY of social networks and sites where people shift through people like flipping through a Rolodex. Of course just like anything else in the Universe social networks have an ENERGY. Social Networks are becoming more and more impersonal as people communicate with more and more people simultaneously and in short quick spurts.

In the meantime for those who are into social networks and dating sites, be aware, be careful and be wise. lol

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