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Will Bobbi Christina Drug Problem Help the Family?

There's no need to guess or speculate wheter Bobbi Christina was caught doing drugs not only are the pictures clear, she's been going downhill for a couple years now.

It's hard to imagine she would turn out any differently. She's been fed so many mix messages and have two parents that have substance abuse problems. Not one parent but two.

Not only are her parents addicts, they never had to suffer the way an everyday person does, particularly Whitney Houston. Despite the outrage and sadness upon hearing of Whitney Houston's condition, she was still beloved and people stood by her wishing her well.

The point is just like any average teenager, Bobby Christina grew up in an environment where drugs weren't necessarily scary, they where a way of life for her parents. The situation is worst than an average person with no money because she did not face the turmoil that comes when someone has a drug addiction but can't sustain it. This creates an ENERGY of drugs being something that can be dealt with and handled. It takes longer to feel out of control.

These pictures are more of a wake up call to Whitney and Bobby due to the ENERGY of their life. This is a beyond humiliating experience for them to deal with due to the world knowing their history. Hopefully they won't just simply put on a brave face in the public but will try to intercept this early. They still have slight control over her life at 17.

The positive outcome might be the fact that Whitney Houston will have to start living by example, and so will Bobby. Of course that's if the grips of "celebrity-hood" have not made their child something to be put on the back burner like a lot of children who have celebrity parents. A child needs more then acknowledgment, they need to be guided also.

Hopefully the entire family gets a wake-up call i wish them well both Whitney and Bobby have always sent good ENERGY through their music.

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