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Will Black Women Let Amber Rose Be the Next NeNe?

What would Black women say if I revealed an ENERGY to them? What if I revealed to Black women that the people that we support REFLECTS US. People judge you by what you seem to stand by.

Sometimes I feel so weak when I think of this race and it's lack of critical thinking skills. We refuse to develop them despite this race being one where there is alot of building to do. I can't believe I have to call myself a Black woman. We went through the madness with NeNe.

I NEVER EVER watched an episode of the Desperate Housewives of Atlanta, but I'm simply stronger.

I have a high consciousness so I am able to absorb ENERGY instantly. I knew based on NeNe's demeanor that she couldn't help but get worst as the show progressed. I knew that her demeanor couldn't help but become more monstrous as she began to make money. The true vain demon comes out with money. In fact with someone like NeNe it drives her and she has no problem lowering her standards to get it.

My problem with this race is how can you not know that you cannot empower low standards. Energies grow and get stronger. The worst part of it is that it opens FLOODGATES.

When you support a certain ENERGY it will attract to itself the same. In doing so it intensify's and grows stronger.

We have a chance to come against supporting the wrong ENERGY by refusing to empower Amber Rose.

Amber Rose and those with her ENERGY need to be kept under Black men's beds. For Black men to see Black women support Amber Rose by watching her seeming to idolize her and embracing her existence makes Black women enablers of her ENERGY, so you become like her. Dispensable and a body to pass around.

Isn't that what Black women are experiencing metaphysically in this generation and the one coming up?

You want to support STRIPPERS, HOOKERS and VIDEO HOES and those with that vibe, then that will become your vibe and your environment will be saturated with this ENERGY.

It's metaphysics.

Men will treat you in an indispensable way. You will not wear the ENERGY of being a keeper, you will be simple another body like Amber Rose and strippers at the club. God and this Universe tries to show this is true through the ENERGY itself. What type of men does Amber Rose seem to be able to attract, and for how long?

I could lie but I feel compelled to be honest, I simply never really related to many other Black women. I simply don't think Black women have the standards, critical thinking skills, self respect or pride to build this race and support Black men in the right way. Black women aren't spiritual, they are simply sexual. They think they will cement a man to them through sex. Sex is dispensable if it's not backed by something deeper, your pussy becomes a "drive thru" like Amber Rose. A man can find sex anywhere. If the sex is good enough he will simply place you in his "Rolodex" for the future.

I can promise you Black men do not respect Black women more, appreciate them more, or feel a sense of gratefulness when Black women allow them to take the fantasies they "jerk off to" from under the bed. They crave the opposite but you are so busy enabling the same ENERGY so you will be treated the same.

I don't have faith in Black women, time and time again they have let me down. I feel trapped sometimes being a Black women because my priorities and my spiritual consciousness is so high opposed to others.

I think many Black women think they are like White women. I think they feel as if we have the same plight. I think they would like to think that they don't have to be particular because White women seem free to do what they want and have some of the same ENERGIES.

What Black women don't understand is that we don't have the Broad media that White people have. White people CANNOT be type-casted. It's hard to place a tag on White people because their portrayals in the media is so broad and diverse.

This is not so within the Black community. We do not have a broad, diverse media. In fact our media seems to be very repetitive and plays up the same ENERGIES over and over again.

I know I'm asking for a lot when it comes to most Black women. Most Black women live a life of drama and are attracted to it, even if it keeps them simple. They can't help but support the NeNe's, or Amber Rose's.

I on the other hand have such a high consciousness and such a active, broad mind, I can always be entertained by an alternative. I don't feel compelled to watch these women, I don't feel like I'm missing out, and I don't think I'm missing out on great entertainment.

A simple mind can not comprehend this. To them things are black and white. If you speak against the ENERGY of Amber Rose and claim to not watch her or the Desperate Housewives that means you like "corny" things, that means you want them to be religious and "churchy".

Of course coming from a Broad diverse mind, this is not true. I simply have visionary and critical thinking skills. I know supporting certain ENERGIES attracts more of that ENERGY and I think this race and culture which has a small media is being bombarded by the wrong ENERGIES. In turn it transforms how we look at each other. And a Black women would have to blind not to see and feel the lack of respect Black Men have towards Black women of this generation and the one coming up. You're not a jewel because you don't treat yourself like one, you simply follow men to the strip club and try to emulate them.

All I can say is this.......................I know I was born after my time, I'm a figher, I know how to sacrifice toa make things better just like a "Bus Boycott Negro" but.......................

Strong Sisters RISE UP, there is nothing we can do about the rachet Sista's who don't care but we must try to come against negative ENERGY through our lack of support. I promise, promise, promise you through "NO SUPPORT" you will feel empowered. Even when it seems others aren't trying you will feel EMPOWERED being able to resist what others can't.

I know I do.

I can't describe the feeling of bliss, strength and pride I feel due to my commitment in not supporting shows with the wrong ENERGY, which opens FLOODGATES.

I can't wait to see how successful Amber Rose's show is and how many Black women will be seen and felt supporting her. Though these women will claim they don't want to be her or treated like her, all the while unlike White women they are thought to be her, they fall into stereotype.

Please pass this to all Black women, let's see how strong we are and if we can demand better representation through not supporting the ENERGY of those like Amber Rose. Or will people be able to continue to make quick money off of the Black race by satisfying our low standards.

*Note If for some reason like a man you CANNOT RESIST embracing Negative Energy by being fascinated by Amber Rose and looking at her KEEP HER UNDER THE BED. You DO NOT open up floodgates by empowering her ENERGY. That's metaphysics and critical thinking skills. And the Black race has NOT overcame, we have a lot of building and standards to create.

Through Jail Culture Energy we have been dragged into the world of Hoes and Strippers, that ENERGY must always be contained.

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