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Why You Should Never Use This


I like to absorb the ENERGY of all things. In doing so it allows me to develop a higher consciousness.

So maybe that's the reason I am picking on this commercial. Many women have used dildos and massagers for what seems like forever. But is that a beneficial thing to do or does it make someone's sex life worst?

A man cannot do what a dildo or massager can do. There are many factors that dictate whether the sexual experience will be good or not. You must not only have an attraction to the person, but you must sync together in a rhythmic way and an ENERGY must be created for true satisfaction.

A dildo or a messager allows constant direct stimulation that's hard for a man to match. Many women become addicted to dildos and allow dildos to make up for their lack of satisfaction instead of learning to have a great experience with their significant other.

I'm not saying that a dildo can't be incorporated into the sex lives of couples, but it can be risky for some who become addicted to a no fail dildo. I came across a commenter online who explained that after sex with her boyfriend, she would go into the bathroom and reach an orgasm with a dildo.

Doesn't it seem like I'm picking? No, I am not. I go by ENERGY and this commercial has an ENERGY some would not be able to resist. A theme of "Everytime you will be pleased the same".This can be risky and distracting when you are trying to develop a relationship with someone based on natural feeling and emotion.

Good luck ladies and remember it's ok to leave the pleasing up to your man. Because once you discover a different type of pleasure you might become addicted to it. Which in turn will bring frustration to your relationship.

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