Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Trina Shows Her Thanks For Black Women Allowing Her to Represent!

Attention: Here we have the baddest dirtiest chick in the game.

This is when I despise being a Black woman, I cannot believe how this race has empowered a woman like Trina through the years.

Trina is number one on my CRAP LIST.

I think she's disgusting, vile, and if I had a son and he brought her home I would lose my mind and wonder where I went wrong.

I always talk about the type of women that need to be kept under the bed, well Trina is a poster woman for this. I don't give a damn what men look at via "Blacktail magazine" or the pornos that they watch, but it is blasphemy to Black women and the universe to let this ENERGY get out. The Universe will react by transforming the ENERGY of those around you. If you seem to admire this ENERGY it will manifest itself and grow. And a blind man could see the standards of Black women have lowered in this generation and the generation coming up.

The ironic thing is most Black men could careless about Trina they will look and gawk at her but they typically not supporting her physically. Black women are the one's who subconsciously or consciously seek to live vicariously through this wretched, low standard hooker. They want to emulate what seems to be admired even though it's an illusion. And even those who are offended miss the most important aspect of eliminating Trina's ENERGY and that is......................

Something a non-critical thinking person cannot comprehend, they don't know the power and strength of this. They fail to realize refraining from what others seem to not be able to refrain from makes them MENTALLY SUPERIOR.

God sent Trina the biggest spiritual lesson ever and she ignored it.

Luke Campbell who is suppose to be like a mentor to Trina would not even like the type of woman that she is. Luke who creates an industry of pimping women in the adult industry and making stripper videos would DIE before he had a wife like Trina. Luke's wife is not on Trina's low class level, nor does she have a body like her.

Luke is married to Kristin Thompson a lawyer. She is not a piece of crap, again he would not marry a Trina. He met his wife at a restaurant and knew right away through her ENERGY she was different. He knew he could not approach her like he would a stripper. He was not aggressive and treated her like a lady, by asking a busboy to simply give her his number with the message please call if you are not seeing someone.

Luke got married at 47 years old. He spent years crapping on women like Trina and found a breath of fresh air when he met his wife who is her OPPOSITE.

Trina on the other hand sends off and ENERGY where you want to destroy her body, you want to stick a fork in her ass, beat it, be aggressive and fu*ck her like an animal.

It's so sad that Black women don't understand this ENERGY. You can clearly see that Black men of this era have such a lack of respect for Black women and women with the ENERGY of Trina, that they take this secret resentment out on them by having aggressive sex with them. They're ejaculation is like releasing this resentment. Black women are simply bodies to fu*ck in this generation, they don't offer Black men any spiritual contentment.

As a woman, Trina makes me aggressive too. I'm not a violent or physical person, but I feel like putting my foot up her ass, I feel like making her walk different. I feel like breaking her and her spirit in some way. She's a pure piece of sh*t that brings out the aggressive side of anyone.
I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a little boy no more then 5 or 5 years old come across this picture ^^ and looking at it with such confusion. He couldn't process the meaning, she seems fine and excited, but the man lays there with blood on his head. He scrunched his little forehead trying to process this confusing ENERGY.

From that day on I simply HATE THIS WOMAN. I got to witness her ENERGY effect the youth. The picture symbolizes what many Black women do: They f*uck a Black man in his misery instead of trying to release them spiritually, that's why most Black women are dispensable to Black men. One ass is just like another. Or you just go through many and pick the ones you like and fuc*ck them interchangeably.

I would DIE and take my last breath before I supported the ENERGY or existence of Trina. She needs to be under a Black man's bed................PERIOD

On the other hand I understand how Trina can metaphysically attract the attention of Black women of this race. Most Black women where raised in filth, and low standards. Someone like Trina being able to make money. Or seeming like she is making money is enough for her to be looked up too. Trina hits the jackpot with this race, we don't have standards so she can do and say almost anything.

This is why I prefer to separate myself from most Black people in this era, my standards are too high, and I constantly try to develop spiritually, I'm not impressed by someone resorting to the oldest trick in the book.

Kenyon Martin dodged a bullet, he has daughters to raise and believe me Trina is not worth it. In fact she would cry if I was her daughter, I could never respect her, she couldn't tell me anything really. I would throw her past deeds back into her face.


Because she doesn't just make unfortunate mistakes and try's for better she DOES THINGS LIKE THIS!

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