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Reggae Artist Vybz Kartel Wants To Be A Different Man

Reggae Artist Vybz Kartel Becomes an Example of a Self-Hating RETARD

This is a moment and opportunity where someone has a chance to feel how brainwashed, weak and retarded some Black people are. This is a scary picture to me. It’s scary because there is NO DOUBT, NO QUESTION that this man is insane. There is no way to explain this, rationalize this or hide the truth; The man is brainwashed which resulted in his insanity.
And though I would simply pity a Black person like this in everyday life who is not in the spotlight, Vybz is in the spotlight. He's in the spotlight and an embarrassment to Black people so I will say something. I actually couldn't imagine seeing something like this and not say something. Just the fact that he thinks people would see this and not comment on it or become offended shows how crazy he is.

He looks like a broken down weak African. Africans are willing to look ridiculous like this. In Africa many of the African women are trying to emulate American Black women. In doing so they are willing to walk around with a face five shades lighter then the rest of their body. Or worst yet, they will walk around and look like they have the skin condition vitiligo just to feel as though they are working their way towards lighter skin.

African women are brainwashed by American culture. Due to this many of the African woman lighten their dark skin to a more brown tone. A woman Oprah's complexion or Michelle Obama's complexion is considered a lighter skinned African. Women who have these complexions are considered more desirable.
They’re too ignorant to realize bleaching creams aren’t made to be applied to large areas. Doing so results in splotchy uneven skin and you will never have the appearance that you’ve lighten the dark spots; they will lightened but so will the other areas you applied the cream, so it defeats the purpose. Only laser skin lightening evens the skin in some people.

As you can see the universe made sure to show Vybz Kartel that he can’t escape his skin color. His lips make it clear he has lightened his skin. An area that is hard to lighten due to the skin being thinner in that area, the chemicals would make it painful and impossible to continuously apply bleaching cream to the lip area.
Vybz Kartel claims like others he’s just choosing a preference. There’s no such thing as choosing a preference when it’s the opposite of you, particularly in such a dramatic way. Not only that, one must realize that he’s trying to mutilate himself to look like what he’s been taught is dominate. Vybz Kartel thinks it’s the same as a White person tanning their skin.

I don’t agree. A White person attempting to be darker despite darker skin being looked down on adds more of a sense of dominance to the ENERGY of their actions. They don’t mind being wants considered least dominate or desirable because they believe they are. Black people try to be what is considered desirable because we don’t feel desirable or confident in our selves and the way we look.

That destroys his argument that’s he’s actions is like tanning. I would DIE before I supported him. He has no right coming to the spotlight and embarrassing this race. I would not look for him in everyday life. There are many Black people who do this, but he chose to come to the spotlight so yes he will be judged.

He wanted a new look lol, lol well He looks ridiculous!

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