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The New Way Black Men Threaten and Insult Each Other

Male primates in the wild have been known to rape each other to exert dominance.
Ok I have a higher consciousness then some so bear with me. I speak on an ENERGY level plus I'm clairvoyant and see through most things.

Long ago I knew that Black men would suffer due to their ENERGY. Particularly the ENERGY of them going in and out of prison. Prison is a different world with DIFFERENT RULES.

Amongst those rules a Black man will not necessarily look down on another Black man if he has sex in prison. It all depends on how he approaches it. You have "top brothers" and "Bottom brothers" usually the top Brothers receive sexual favors from the "bottom brothers". And what many people fail to realize is that Black men have sex in prison not just for sexual reasons, but for control and to punish their fellow brothers.

If an inmate owes a debt he might get raped, if an inmate doesn't follow through with something, for his crew he might get raped. Many Black men have entered a world that has mutated them and how they think. Of course they try to hide this, but ENERGY always becomes revealed. ENERGY'S a hard thing to hide because it equates to your spirit and character. It's hard for humans to hide their character even when they try. Black men have been effected, tainted and saturated with a JAIL CULTURE that mutates their minds and makes them expose themselves inadvertently.

So that brings me to this, and I won't make this a long article, I'll discuss this complex topic in future articles.

I came across a couple of examples that shows the ENERGY of what I'm trying to convey. I thought to write this article because I was reading about Lil Boosie's legal problems and came across one of his songs.

"Fuck EM All"-------In the Song He says......

'Fuck them all in their ass with 10 dicks"

This is not a normal thing for a man to think. This is not a normal thing for a man to say. Unless you have entered the mutated world of Jail Culture Brothers who are exposed to men who go in and out of jail and have their own rules.

I will be writing an article shortly about the aggressive ENERGY of sex in this generation. The more Black men go to jail the more the ENERGY of sex becomes brutal. Like most things about jail I think many people simply can't comprehend that's it's a completely different world. When Black men engage in sex in prison it's usually a very aggressive style of sex. They are not making love to each other, that would only intense their paranoia of being gay.

The fact is that these men are not Gay. They are a mutation. They never thought about being with a man or sought to do so before entering into an environment that not only condones it but it's sometimes in a gang rule book that the crew engage in gang bangs. This was described by a correctional officer when she found a gangs rule book.

Of Course we can't forget Lil B who Threaten to Rape Kanye West. He stated via Twitter
“If Kanye Doesn’t Acknowledge Me Over Twitter And Work With Me On Music, When i see him im going to f*ck him in the a**"
This comment reflects how sex has become a tool for one Brother to be able to Break Down another. It's a large step to go from "fuc*k you" to I will "f*uck you up your ass". Black men of the past did not express themselves in that way. They wouldn't dare it would be something not look upon favorably to other Black Men.

Black men of this era huddle together with a Jail Culture Energy. This race is not always visionary, but you can predict the future by absorbing the ENERGY of a situation and the ENERGY around you. There’s no way Black men can go to jail at the rate that they do and not conform. Sex is a large part of many Black Men's lives and it's hard to believe that they would give it up when going to jail, particularly those who are doing hard time. Together with the fact that as I said before; a great number of Black men are going to jail and jail sex has become condonable, this mutation was bound to happen.

I promised to keep it short, it's a complex issue that goes beyond just saying a Black man is on the "downlow". In the short future I will explain why many of these guys look for strong Black men, men who seem masculine. They do not seek effeminate men, that would make them gay. And they become addicted to the temporary opportunity, feeling and sensation of being able to break down a masculine nigg*a. They want to have aggressive sex with a man who reflects the ENERGY of someone who would usually be his threat or enemy in the community. It makes them feel control momentarily.

I will be writing more about this but I want this community to keep it's eyes open. We must keep our eyes open to the ENERGIES that are being brought home by Black men who go in and out of jail. God and this metaphysical Universe wouldn't allow Black men to go in and out of jail without them being surrounded by jail ENERGY. In turn they bring this ENERGY back to their communities and families.

You will see many Black men in the future SLIP UP and expose the ENERGY of the environments they have been in or surround themselves in. You will continue to hear references to sex in a BRUTAL way, even towards women.

It's called penitentiary sex folks and it's not like MAKING LOVE!

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