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Lil Wayne Takes Pictures With Tiger Woods and His Daughter

lol, lol, lol. Ya'll know I'm mean.

Surprise, no it's not the real Tiger Woods, it's just Lil Wayne and his son, who looks like Tiger Woods did when he was younger. A son who looks nothing like Lil Wayne.

See how I think, see how I write. I write by ENERGY. It's weird to most now but you'll get use to it.

Now many might think that they know what I will say next right?

Now I will talk about how Lil Wayne is colorstruck blah, blah, blah.........right?


Honestly I must say I have to absorb more of Lil Wayne's ENERGY to see if that claim is true. There are many Black women who think that this is true of Lil Wyane.

However, I don't just go with what Black women say. Most Black women are sensitive and have a low self esteem, so they read too much into things. The first love of his life and the mother of his first child is dark-skin, so I can't simply jump on the bandwagon with Black women because I am a Black woman just yet.

This following verse of Lil Wayne's was considered controversial But like someone pointed out
"I bet she look betta red"
This verse could possibly mean, she looks better when he's high, which makes his eyes red...... who knows?

The reason why I made a joke about the way this little boy looks is because I do however feel the ENERGY of Lil Wayne being happy. I feel the ENERGY of Lil Wayne being happy subconsciously that his child is mix. Like many Black men I'm sure he is not overly upset that his child doesn't look like the average Black Nigg*a from around the way.

Black Nigg*as from around the way have the ENERGY of being a threat, pain, aggravation and someone not to trust in the community.

Here's the thing, even though many Black men wouldn't be overly upset; ironically many of these men want sons that look like them. At the same time they would prefer daughters that didn't. After-all their son represents them directly. But when it comes to their daughters they long for them to represent and reflect what they desire and think is beautiful in a woman.They want her to look like what they have brainwashed to think is perfect. Including having silky, long hair.

Unfortunately as Lil Wayne's daughter gets older and her consciousness grows she will realize this. If she has a half-sister who is light with silky hair she will not only realize it but feel it also. She will feel the ENERGY that Lil Wayne loves her but thinks her sister is prettier.

Sometimes I wonder if Black people will ever understand that many of us Black people run from ourselves because we have learned to loathe each. We have learned to loathe each other due to they type of environments we come from and how we treat each other in those environments. In the subconscious mind of  Society and this race, this little boy instantly looks cuter, more innocent and more worthy because he's in CONTRAST to the look of the AVERAGE Black little boy in the hood. This also makes his ENERGY seem different and he seems less of a threat..

For example, we know Lil Wayne's daughter doesn't have to live the HARSH life of many other Black girls around her age. Despite this she could never seem as innocent as a mixed Black girl or non-Black girl. Girls who have an appearance that is considered a-typical to the ENERGY of our damaged communities. Despite her being Lil Wayne's daughter and despite having a lot of money, she still looks like a typical Black girl from the hood and has that ENERGY.

What I'm saying might seem mean, but we have the POWER to change the ENERGY of our communities. In turn this changes the ENERGY of how we look at each other. We have no one else to blame when it comes to perception. We are determined to create a negative perception of each other accept it and feed it to Society.

When most people think of the typical Black negro of this generation you think of a "grimy" Brother like Lil Wayne. When you think of the typical Black woman you think of a complaining, gold digging, baby mama pain in the ass like "NeNe". So within the ignorant minds of this race, Lil Wayne's daughter could never be as cute as a mixed girl. We made it that way. In fact we foster the idea and support it again think of how many "NeNe's" we support in the spotlight.
The same goes for his baby momma.

His baby momma Sarah Vivian could be a piece of gold digging, low standard, multiple baby daddy having, loud mouth, piece of trash, but because she looks in contrast to those we have been trained to think have that ENERGY, she instantly looks more innocent and attractive than the average Black woman.

I know I get too deep for some of ya'll but you guys will begin to understand my style of writing and metaphysical assessments. I could never just do a gossip blog, one must consciously grow as well as laugh on my blog. I guess that's why I don't make money like MTO. lol

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