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Knocked Kneed Amber Rose Is Expanding In Many Ways

Update: This article gets a lot of views and I want to put a date on it. This article was written March 2011. Though I still loathe Amber Rose, I must be fair

Amber Rose takes a much needed run.

This is a funny picture to me. Not only because she's a knock kneed runner and it looks like her legs are knocking into each other with every stride. But because this picture confirms what I thought would happen. I always wondered how Amber Rose could be so comfortable that she blocks out the ENERGY of her life and the ENERGY of why she made it to the spotlight.

To put it short it has nothing to do with talent. It has to do with her having an Ass that a man would love to ride like a mechanical bull. An Ass and body that makes a man want to break her down and make her walk funny due to how she portrays it. They don't have thoughts of loving her body, or being gentle I can guarantee you that. Maybe that's why she's knocked kneed. And lower conscious women are fascinated by her because men seem to be. They will transform into any ENERGY that seems to be what men want, not realizing often times these men could care less about women like Amber Rose, she's simply an orange to squeeze. Of all people Amber Rose herself knows this is true. After-all she has spent her life handing herself over like a piece of meat to consume and devour before looking for a different piece of meat the next day.

God did not build the spirit to be able to handle feeling this ENERGY so those like Amber Rose have to find a way to drown out what they feel internally. Some try to convince themselves that people genuinely like them and respect them. Some choose drugs, some choose alcohol. Judging by this picture it seems that Amber Rose has chosen food. Actually judging by her ENERGY she's probably doing a combination of the two or three.

Amber Rose is one of the reasons that though I like him as an artist, I get a little irritated when I think of Kanye West. He just had to bring a worthless piece of CRAP to this culture who is of no asset. What does she contribute? Like most women like her she needs to be under a man's bed.

I long for the day Black men realize you do not empower women like Amber Rose in front of your daughters and young girls. She's someone to keep under the bed. Once you take an ENERGY like Amber Rose from under the bed and you empower her through support, the Universe responds by bringing more of her type of ENERGY to you. God would not allow it to be any other way. It's metaphysics.

That's why she must be contained and kept under the bed. Black men know deep down that's the best place for her. Once Black men are honest with their true spirit and admit that "Wow I can always have the strippers and hookers but it should be underground, under the bed and on video. In the open I wish for better quality women to observe, breath in and to motivate and inspire me."

Kanye West is not an Alpha Male like Jay Z so he didn't know any better, poor thing. But now we will be stuck with the ENERGY of her low standards, when we could empower someone who has more of a package deal, someone more interesting beyond just a visual way. And of course women like this can be pulled out from under the bed and looked at while sitting on the toilet anytime a man wants.

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