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It's Evelyn Lozada and Ocho Ochocinco's Turn to Use Black People

" My Mom is an Ugly Bit*ch I wouldn't date a woman that looks like her, but I Need Those Who Look like Her to Support Me. Evelyn, Shaunie how can we reel them in and make that money, oh you too Black too Shaunie but you about to make my pockets fatter, at least Evelyn can claim Puerto Rican?"
If Ocho Ochocinco's subconscious mind could talk

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ocho Ochocinco's Reality Show

I acknowledge Black people I admire those from the past and our ancestors, but I must be honest. I must be honest and say I just DON'T RESPECT Black people of this era.

I think that Black people are slow and have such a low self-esteem where you don't even have to try to control and manipulate them in a subtle way, you can make it obvious in a dramatic way it doesn't matter Black people will still accept it.

I wish I could have bet someone 1 million dollars that this would happen? I should have bet someone that Evelyn and Ocho Ochocinco would aim for their own show. As soon as the fake drama started happening I knew this would occur.

Ha Ha here's the catch. I'm better then the average lazy minded, low standard, worthless Black woman of this era, you know why? Because despite knowing about the ENERGY of this show; I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER watched an episode of The Basketball Wives.

We have the Internet now is it really necessary to support their advertisers and open FLOODGATES? I have such a high consciousness I can pick up bits and pieces and put the whole story together. Let Black women who have the LOWEST consciousness support this show. Those who simply can't help themselves. Doing so would take a great deal of POWER from these types of shows. In turn we wouldn't be saturated with them. But have better sitcoms and programs.

It doesn't take a genius to feel the ENERGY of a bitter woman like Shaunie O'neal getting the opportunity to put out a show that so call reveals the lives of what basketball wives go through. The only thing is she didn't realize it would backfire to the point where the women of the show seem and look pathetic.In turn Black women seem pathetic due to supporting what is pathetic. That's not confusing, it's metaphysics and makes perfect sense.

In this era Black men already have a low opinion of Black women. Now Black women are determined to support the type of women Black men loath. At the same time they want to be viewed differently.

As soon as I absorbed the ENERGY of Shaunie and her team trying to stir up drama and controversy around Evelyn Lozada I knew they where going to push for a spin-off show.

There's no way a no option Bit*ch like Lozada would just walk away from Basketball Wives, I don't care how much they're paying her.

Now I'm only writing this article to LAUGH at all the RETARDS who thought this show was genuine and even more to those who HAVE to take in this type of entertainment, they can't help it I love to study not only the person who is easily manipulated, but also the manipulator.

And as I said I've seen how easy it is to manipulate Black people. You just have to bring them drama. That's what they live by, live around and that's what they are comfortable with.

Evelyn and Ocho Ochocinco want you to keep up their lifestyle. Only poor people think once a person with money obtains it they are set for life. Sure they are if they are mega rich, cease to live, refrain from purchasing anything new or don't buy necessary essentials. Evelyn and Lozada need this money. She's a worthless nobody and he's an aging football star. Football is one of the shortest sports careers.

As Black people we don't have a broad media, so to continue to support these types of shows in great numbers is very revealing. It shows that Black women can't help but be drawn to those who have their character. They just can't, can't help it.

People have a hard time relating to those who are different from them, that's why it takes people time to get to know me, my blog could never mirror others. In the case of Black women, they are instantly drawn to drama and an empty media with stereotypical themes.

How do you think Black men view Black women as they observe the TRUTH of their character due to the shows they watch, and the people they support? There is no wonder to me that Black men in this era have such a lack of respect for Black women.

How could you respect Black women? A group of women who are so busy thinking they are like White women, and trying to do what they do, they can't build this damaged race. Who cares if there are White T.V. shows out there like Basketball Wives, the White community can sustain them due to their diverse media.

Black women..................................ONCE AGAIN, refuse to sacrifice and be more spiritual to help the community in a time of crisis.

Stop supporting shows that feature low conscious Black women who are willing to exploit themselves and those who have damaged characters.

I can tell you now if I was Carmelo Anthony I would have to ask LaLa 'why she chose to have the type of friends she does. I would want to know what attracted her to them. There are so many others she could have been friends with but she metaphysically attracted Trina and Kim K. If I was Carmelo Anthony I would not have married her. I believe in judging people by who they stand by and support.

There's a twist to this one that I think is funny, but sad. And that twist is Ocho Ochocinco doesn't even like Black women. lol, lol, lol Black women are a trip.

Here's a Black man who would NEVER EVER, EVER date or marry a woman who looks like his mother. Nor would he feel he had someone special if he was with a Black woman. In fact Ocho Ochocinco would go to Africa and say "these are some ugly Bitch*es down here, I miss the Evelyn's and Kim K's.............

Yet Black women will support him and this show. I always say that Black women are like mules, you can do anything to them. Put your foot in their ass, dismiss them, make them feel like sh*t and they still will OPEN THEIR DOOR and LEGS. I call Black women Aunt Jemima because Black women have that ENERGY. They seem to be meant for HARD TIMES and HARSH TREATMENT, they can bear it and keep going like no other group of women I've ever seen. They are like Hattie McDaniel from Gone with the Wind.

Why do Black women deserve respect again? Nope Black women don't deserve respect so in this metaphysical Universe they rarely find it.

Stop acting like you are a White chick who Society thinks is better then you. Many Black men through disgust and resentment are claiming to think the same. I see through this and understand it's just frustration, but this resentment still causes issues between Black men and women.

We have to reach Black men through love and spirituality. We have to have the ENERGY of sacrificing to make that happen. Anything other then that makes Black women seem Worthless. Black women are suppose to create the harmony in any environment. They are suppose to be the spiritual bearers, but through the years they have become worthless to Black men.

Now go watch a drama show that has a storyline please, so we can begin to repair like Katrina, and close the FLOODGATES. It starts with Shame for Change if celebrities where made to feel shame for having to manipulate the public in order to get attention they would stop. You have to break through all the ways they rationalize their actions. Oh and of course the barrier of drugs and alcohol many come to depend on.

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