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Is Shaunie O'Neal Happy With Her Creation

I don't watch the "Basketball Wives" I never would, my consciousness is too high. Unlike black people who can be brainwashed and fed anything, I will not be a robot like in the Matrix.

People just can't , can't can't help but fuel the ENERGY of these shows which causes more shows like this to come out., it's metaphysics. Black people fail to realize we don't have a media that is broad enough to sustain the overwhelming ghetto, down-home, backwoods sex, fake swagger, hustling, gold-digging stripper ENERGY that most of our media revolves around.

We are determined to support these show and stereotypes before the eyes of the world. People judge you by what you support. Particularly this race. It's unimaginable to the mind of more progressive minded people that we have literally created a culture that defines this race in a way we don't want to be defined. Then we want our children to do the opposite of what we support. Doesn't work never will this Universe wouldn't allow it.

So here we have Shaunie O'neal cashing in on the low standards of this race. When you want to start out and you don't have a lot to offer or standards you always start in the Black community. Just like a fat white girl that finds comfort in the arms of a Black man, we are use to less then we are comfortable with it. We are use to living in a substandard way and not building more. We are scared of progression, progression means change and that takes effort. I know it's hard but we must try. We don't understand that. We have to be conscious of the thinks we support and allow into our culture as we grow. We have not arrived yet, lol.

I wonder when Black women in particular will get tired of these shows.

Forget "Girlfriends" a how I love. Joan wasn't willing to punch Toni in the face. Forget dramas like ER we are past that now. People have a craving to see drama and those who seem to have no self-control.

Shaunie O'neal as found a way to cash in, it's as simple as that. She could care less about Black media. Her real character is revealed with a show where the women who were once her peers are grimy, gold-digging, hustlers. This is what she's come up with, this is how she takes her frustration of being a former Athletes wife out?

She's even willing to be deceitful by trying to create an illusion of Evelyn Lozada and Ocho. Recently Evelyn has said she will leave the show due to mistreatment. Of course with the deceitfulness of celebrities this could be a ploy to push her spin-off show.

I've lost respect for Black women over the years. The spirituality, consciousness and quality of Black women has declined and been tainted through the years via this culture. I can't believe I have to say I'm a Black woman, which means I'm a reflection of Black women. The ENERGY of Black women doesn't reflect me so this is a hard pill to swallow.

So Black women who support this can take their Ms New Yorks, NeNe's, Shuanie's, Evelyns, and Amber Rose's and stick them up your ass, those are not my sisters. Oh you can travel there too.

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