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Joy Bryant an Asset To Black woman's Image

I write a lot about the shows I refuse to support. Shows that have an ENERGIES that will only grow with support. I want to take the time to lead you to a T.V. series I just found out about because I don't watch local T.V. stations, I don't even take the time to look at the double digit channels. I usually watch shows in the triple digits.

Anyhow I'm a big Joy Bryant fan. She has a classy, reserved but down to earth demeanor. I think she's pretty in a natural way even when she's wearing a fitting weave. On the show Joy Bryant is featured in an interracial relationship on the show and deals with the struggles of this union. I'm not encouraging Black women to watch the show to advocate interracial dating but we need to support any Black person who is out the box.

The show doesn't revolve around Joy Bryant but she has a major character. I don't just want to be a talker I want to produce a counter ENERGY for every negative ENERGY. Most people don't have the mind to be conscious of the things they do. This applies to everyone, but it's detrimental to this race WE HAVEN'T BUILT ANYTHING despite living in a progressive society like everyone else.

Is that confusing to this race, did we overcome and I didn't get the memo? Constant building has never been part of this race. We get sidetracked and distracted by things that don't help to empower this race. An example would be our tendency to look for racism like a "whack a mole" game.

Anyhoo I want to make this short and encourage the community to watch this show and support an actress I've always felt had the ability to go far.

The Parenthood comes on Tuesdays at 10/9 central

Let's offer each other solutions and discuss our decisions. Of course we can simply be honest and say WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT and stop the madness of acting like we can relate to each other because I can promise you I can't relate to the people Black women support in this era. We empower NeNe and forget about the women who represent this race with more class. Brilliant!

It takes strength to have a mind like me, but if you can learn that strength and sacrifice is power we can TRULY mold this race, through not supporting certain ENERGIES.

Watch the full 2nd season online Here:

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