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Dear Rhianna: "I Don't Back Peddle Like Farrakhan

It's about time someone told Rhianna she's acting like a "scank". She's like an orange, being squeezed; there's no way there can be much juice left. She wasn't talented to begin with, so after seeing her half naked over and over, when does the mind become bored and says "who's next". Or worst the mind simply drifts until the next time the person gets naked, and the person is forced to do outrageous things to get attention.

Rhianna is one of the most boring female artist that is pushed in the spotlight.

Rhianna simply has people trapped in their vanity. Because she is pretty and attractive to look at she becomes mesmerizing to some. The fact that she has a sense of style makes that ENERGY more powerful.

She cannot sing, nor can she dance. As a tall woman myself I try to be nice, she could never move like Beyonce, she has to much girth and her limps are too long, but that's ok. She could have style and grace, but going that route takes more strength. She wanted to be noticed right away and she has gotten her wish.

I think Farakhann was nice when describing Rhianna’s ENERGY. He could have just said she’s a piece of “crap’. Well she’s not a piece of “crap”, but again she is like an orange.
I grew up with Tracie Spencer and Shanice Wilson, and female artist like Janet Jackson who gradually got sexy as they progressed. They didn’t come out the gate being and acting like a oversexed, hooker. Someone like Janet progressed into her sexuality. Of course it wouldn’t be fair to mention that celebrities had more longevity during those times. The media wasn’t as fast paced as it is now, therefore people’s attention spans where a bit longer. Celebrities didn't feel the need to be so extreme to attract attention.

Women have the ENERGY of being dispensable in this era. They have successfully enabled strippers and hookers enough through their support and passivity where they blend with their ENERGY.

I saw an appropriate picture not too long ago. A picture of three Black girls lined up with their asses side by side. You could only see their assess, their faces weren’t even visible. That’s the ENERGY of women in this era. You go from ass to ass using your penis as a fork. That's the focal point the rest of the body is not needed. The type of girls we have in the spotlight now reflect that ENERGY in this race.

Rhianna could only be and portray what she’s allowed to portray. She can only be who the public allows her to be.

A fact most celebrities hope you NEVER get. They need and thrive off of the acceptance of the public. A celebrity will transform and change any behavior, action or portrayal that is not accepted by the public. They hire people who help them create a perception, even when it's a false one. The universe has reacted to their dominate ENERGY by manifesting the Internet, a vehicle that EXPOSES their true ways.

I think Rhianna should have to deal with the ENERGY of her character and how she chooses to portray herself. She would be the first to point out that she purposely put away the “Good Girl” persona and chose to have a more racy one; so she should deal with it.

She should do a mental checklist. First she should ask herself why is she offended, how does she expect people to respond to her ENERGY and would she want her daughter to be like her.

If more people spoke out about the ENERGY of celebrities, celebrities would be more mindful of their actions. People do what they are allowed to do, only the righteous stand behind their actions no matter what.

It’s important to remember that simply talking is not enough, that sometimes fuels a celebrities stardom, NO SUPPORT is the only thing that has a true impact.

***UPDATE***Most celebrities are driven by money and money comes through connections. Most powerful people are connected. Minister Farrakhan has made a response to the backlash of his comments:
"He would never say such about Rihanna herself, the person," a direct representative for Minister Louis Farrakhan told souses. "It was not the person, it was the general act and what it represents."

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