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Can This Penetrate Lil Wayne's High?

Being a higher conscious being due to choosing so, I see through most things. One of the things that disturbs me and irritates me to the point I have to attack it is the fact that most celebrities will barricade their minds with drugs and alcohol.

The ENERGY that many celebrities send out is so intense, they feel it. They feel how they are transforming Society for better or worst.

This is a powerful experience for many celebrities to handle. Many can't handle it. Many must find a way to escape the reality of their ENERGY. So just like a drug dealer or anyone else who is not spiritually developing to higher consciousness, they will feel uneasy, uncomfortable, paranoid and subconscious.

Of course these aren't emotions that they will share with you, these are emotions that would take away from the ILLUSION they are trying to feed you. They have to keep up a "front" and act as though they are confident in their actions and the ENERGY they spread.

This is appropriate and works at times, but works best with the righteous. God will allow the righteous to feel at ease spiritually. so it's important to try to feel confident even when you don't. When you do this while you are trying to have the right ENERGY, God will protect your spirit. When you create a sense of confidence through negativity, God would never allow your mind to be at ease, even if this torture occurs during your quiet moments where you can hide it from the world.

No matter what obstacles a Brother with the ENERGY of Lupe Fiasco goes through he would never feel spiritually insane like Lil Wayne. Again this is something Lil Wayne must hide from the public so he does this with a hyper masculinity and false bravado.

Well here we have two little girls who are so cute, innocent, and pure......could there ENERGY be enough to penetrate Lil Wayne's "High". After-all what could he say about these little girls? "They're hating"?, "They"re jealous"?, what?

No their approach and voice is so genuine, they aren't trying to compete with him, after-all they are only 10 years old.

So could this ENERGY be strong enough to penetrate his mind, just a little?

Or will he simply try harder to escape the thoughts within his subconscious mind that tell him that these girls are right.

Black people have been playing games with the Universe for years. We want to stand by, portray and support all the ENERGIES we want to escape, and then simply claim "We're just keeping it real".

Well I can assure you though it's comforting to convince humans that this is true, and get them to believe it. God and this Universe does not feel the same. and that is all that matters. You can tell by the ENERGIES that are highlighted and strong within the Black community that we metaphysically attract our problems. We attract the ENERGIES we continue to highlight. We are worst then Bill Murphy in "Groundhog Day" and we refuse to stop the madness.

That's a hard message to try to get across in 2011 amidst a fast paced society, where Black people have many distractions that prevent focusing on building strength and the right mentalities in the community. We created that situation, we should have been working on our problems when society was slower, when things didn't literally revolve around real-time. We live in a society where actions and reactions can be made instant. Now it becomes more difficult to grasp the attention of this race in it's entirety.

I will continue to and always pick on Lil Wayne because I know he's a smart dude, he's not like Gucci Mane, or Wiz Khalif, he's smart. He's an analytical, calculating sharp minded Brother. He simply wasn't pushed to use those skills. In our communities unless those attributes are being used in the streets they're not cultivated into something productive and worthwhile ENERGY wise.

I see through most things and Lil Wayne has never fooled me. Though I think he has capability due to being a smart Brother, he is the King of running from his emotions.

I knew his spirit was in torment when he drank to the point that he passed out before he was scheduled to give a concert. He knew he had to give a concert, but running from his thoughts and finding comfort through drugs and alcohol becomes more important especially when you're about to feel your ENERGY through thousands of people.A lot of celebrities take this route, many fortunately make it onstage and manage not to pass out some don't.

You want to concentrate on the feeling of POWER. You don't want the higher conscious side of your mind to remind you that these people are possessed,  even if temporarily that's why they accept your ENERGY. You don't want to reflect on the fact that people with lower standards, lost souls or those who come to gawk make up your audience. You don't want to face the fact that these people want nothing to do with you unless you are entertaining them, due to your mentalities.

Hopefully these little girls fu*ck up Lil Wayne's high enough where he understands his ENERGY. I knew he didn't give a fu*ck when hearing lyrics like "gun to the brow and pow". He comes from a neighborhood where they do enough of that.

Hip Hop artist today are violent and criminal minded. Where they have gone from destroying their Brothers lyrically to sending an ENERGY of wanting physical violence. So they attract that ENERGY to themselves and all those who embrace there ENERGY. Many rap concerts are a dangerous place to be due to the ENERGY the artist attracts.

I know it's hard for us to do better, we have come to identify with certain actions that effect our lives and we are hesitant to change, We think we are keeping it "real" and staying true to the "Black race"

But to be honest that's why I don't live around a lot of Black people, nor would I live in a predominately Black neighborhood ever again. I understand that this race THINKS their mentalities and way of thinking works.

I understand again that we are so WILD, ANIMALISTIC and Fu*cked up in the head that simply speaking out against music like Lil Wayne's is considered corny. I know that these people instantly think of Christian Rap. To be against Lil Wayne means you are trying to have a culture that is pure like christian rap. lol

No he just needs to tone it down and be diverse and honest about why he says the shocking things he does and not just leave it open. he needs to understand the ENERGIES around him and at least try to be different. He simply helps strengthen an ENERGY we are bombarded with already.

I have confident he can do this. If he was Gucci Mane I wouldn't even waste time writing this article.

Unfortunately like many Brothers he was taught that his demeanor makes him more of a man. His lack of refinement, aggression and shocking disrespectful lyrics makes him more masculine. Black men don't have many things to make them feel powerful in this society so they resort to this way of thinking. After-all no one would stop them from doing this. If Black men stood up and tried to show they are men in a different way there would be opposition and that's something Black men think they can't stand up to.

We, We............ this DUMB ASS race allow that connection to be created, and now we must deal with it. Again, this is why I don't live around Black people. Black men seek POWER and RESPECT in ways that wreck havoc on not only their lives but to the community at large. It's just not worth it.

And though God will weigh on the spirit because he wants all to spiritually grow, it's still an illusion Lil Wayne and those like him can create to make money, even if they live with the bottle in their hands and drugs on their minds to cope. They can rely on temporary moments of feeling POWERFUL, and that revolves around you seeming to accept the illusion they hand you.

P.S. Yes, I am annoying, I catch everything, and I don't know who these young girls got the idea or saying that "bitch" means "being called out your name". They stated that twice in the video and it annoyed me, it shows they have been influenced by an adult saying it. They want Lil Wayne to stop calling out their names?? This is a major FAIL. We are a bizarre race that came up with that "saying":

Don't be calling me out my name
Since when is ("bitch" which is a female DOG), synonymous with a human woman?  This is just another STUPID saying Black people came up with, confusing catchy with clever. Something that sounds catchy doesn't necessarily mean it makes sense a lesson we haven't completely grasped yet.

Besides that Good Job Girls! Everyone should have a voice.

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