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The Braxton's: When All Else Fails Get A Reality Show

Next up in the category of those who throw their hands up and say "fuck it I need money" is the "Braxton" sisters. Yes, we will be able to watch Toni Braxton and her sisters take out their resentments of each other on T.V.

My first instant was to just let it go, it's Toni Braxton and she's always had the ENERGY of trying despite her loosing her mind a little in this low standard generation. She had to tongue down Trey Songz (her son lol) just to cause enough drama and controversy to stay relevant. She did this right in front of her husband who she is now divorced from. Of course this tactic it didn't work despite how dramatic the act. People forgot about it in two days, now she has to resort to a reality show for money.

I won't say too much, like I said I always try to go with ENERGY. And even though I'm sick of celebrities displaying their desperation for money to keep up their lifestyle, Toni is not the worst of the bunch.

So why shouldn't she cash in on some money I guess. She must be desperate because it has always been known that there has been friction between the sisters in her family. Despite this she is willing to display this to the world.

Can I be mean for a minute, because after-all I do talk about ENERGY.........Now supposedly Toni Braxton came from a very religious family, all the sisters grew up in the church and sang in the church as well.

Here's my question and ENERGY OBSERVATION............. I grew up in a family that was religious too, but not to the extent of her family. My Brother and I had to go to Sunday school on Sunday's but we didn't have to spend a lot of time in the church. Despite this my mother has always told my Brother and I she does not support nor would she tolerate my Brother and I arguing in public, before others or for money.

Yet, the Braxton family doesn't mind being so vulnerable in front of Society. They don't mind arguing and showing the fragile thread of their family, it's weird. But I fear it's just another example of how money will motivate you to lose yourself, just to get it again. You will do things to re-create a lifestyle.

I have to monitor the level of screaming and yelling and how outrageous the family is before I can say if I will support the show or not. I need to see a few more previews.

Sinbad's Reality Show "Family Affair" will follow "The Braxtons Family Values". Maybe it will lighten the drama of the Braxton's show. I'm sure Sinbad's show will be similar to a comedy sitcom. He seems to have a family that likes to be funny and keep it light. After-all Sinbad is a comedian himself.

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