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America's Mistake Kim K Continues to Torture Society

Great now we must be tortured with Kim K's music. It's bad enough we live in a Society where people have their heads up their ass and didn't realize that watching her show empowers her. When you empower someone you give them the means to do anything. Now Kim K has the money to do many different things.

She is so empowered by the delusions of others and the inadvertent support she gets she is beyond embarrassment. Her head and ego has inflated like a balloon and though God weighs on her spiritually she can take a pill for that and she can't help but feel successful. She feels successful because just like many in society she was told having certain things means she is a success and she will do anything to feel that way. Not to mention the standards of the entertainment Industry have lowered to an extent where celebrities who get the most recognition for whatever reason is respected by their peers. They are considered powerful.

Kim K has made enough money and gotten enough recognition that most people in her environment will kiss her ass and simply laugh way, way beyond her back. Because of the money she has made, people will deal with her and act like they like her. They never know when they might need to use her. That's how the entertainment industry works. Of course The Dream was willing to work with Kim K she has the money to pay him.

People need to realize that all the laughing, gawking and making jokes about Kim K won't faze someone like her if support is given even in an inadvertent way. Kim K feels empowered as she's able to make money and maintain visibility in the spotlight. It doesn't matter what higher conscious people think as long as simple lower conscious people support her and fuel her career.

I refuse to support her monetarily in any way and I ask myself when will the madness stop?

Kim K's new song is a reminder of how crap is created in this society if money can potentially be made. We live in a society where the more spectacle you create of yourself the more attention you receive. This works best on T.V. where people simply turn on the T.V. they don't realize or keep in mind that they are supporting the person they are watching directly. The fact that T.V. is free carries an ENERGY. People don't think of dollars when they watch something on T.V. They don't realize that they are fueling an ENERGY and opening a floodgate which will attract more of the same ENERGY until the point of being bombarded by it.

Celebrities have a tough shell, they have had to deal with being judged by millions due to the Internet, the only way to penetrate a celebrity is to make them feel like a fool through NO SUPPORT.

It doesn't matter how much you gawk, laugh at or talk about a celebrity, you cannot support anything that pertains to them and is linked to advertising. Once they are able to get any power it fuels their longevity.

When people learn this Kim K and others with her ENERGY will go away and truly only have 15 minutes of fame.

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