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Amber Rose Has Met Her Metaphysical Match

Those that read my blog already know I think Black women in this era are insane. They seemed determined to empower, stand by and highlight some of the worst examples of men imaginable to me. The nicer Black men, those who seem to have confidence in having class are not interesting enough for the wild Black woman in this era and she makes sure she shows this to the world through who she is observed supporting.

Black woman think power and intrigue comes in the form of a man who should be an abomination to their children. Instead Black woman will raise their children around these types of men.

Now we all know Amber Rose is CRAP, well those with a higher consciousness or those who aren't trying to squeeze her like an orange to make money like Jamie Fox or a Pimp know this. The above average person knows they can do better in terms of who they empower. They don't feel the need to empower Amber Rose by supporting her in any way that brings in advertising money.

A simple person doesn't think. In turn they create a chaotic environment. Amber Rose and those with her ENERGY have created a distorted sense of what is powerful and admirable to the youth.They have redefined the meaning of success and what it takes to obtain it.

I always felt Amber Rose's relationship with Kanye West was a joke. It was very hard for me to believe that she truly cared for him no matter how much she says so in order to prevent seeming like a bigger piece of GOLD DIGGING CRAP then she is. Kanye West is not an alpha male so their relationship seemed even more fake.

Yes, Amber Rose seems to needs a pimp minded Brother to keep her in place. And that's exactly what a street dude would do and she's use to that, she's comfortable with that. I'm sure much of Kanye repulsed her he couldn't be this way entirely if he tried. She probably even laughed when he supposedly choked her.

Anyway, whether Amber Rose's relationship with Wiz Khalif is staged or not, I think she's met her match ENERGY wise.

He's a Brother too high and out of it to want or need more. All he needs is his weed and a nice ass to get lost in. He doesn't care about how her character develops. He seems to be the type at ease with a woman with low enough standards and so much dirty laundry she couldn't say much to him at the end of the day. He's not trying to be empowered by a Michelle Obama. He would have to become a better man with a woman like Michelle Obama, and it's just not an option. he will settle for the illusion the Amber Rose's.

"Roll up the joint, open your ass crack and shut the "F" up is the ENERGY" in typical unions like this. These types of men have the attitude: "Wnd whenever you think you want or deserve more, goodbye next, you're a simple, dime a dozen Bitch. Don't believe me? well, let's go to the strip club I'll show you  what I mean."

So yes Wiz Khalif and Amber Rose make a good match, kinda like Gucci Mane and Trina. Who definitely would make a good match if they officially got together.

When it comes to the type of men Black women accept, it's sad to know that many Black woman, think they can't do better, don't want to do better and/or lie and say ("Fu*ck it, this is a real Nigg*a, like I was told, it doesn't feel right but hey I will act like it does"). It's sad many Black women think in this way.

Some might even raise their daughters around a Wiz Khalif, then wonder why their daughters grow up to be Harsh, steel hearted, abuse taking, negative cycle making, rejects.

We all know Amber Rose is damaged mentally. She's been through so much trauma she can tolerate a harshness that some women can't. She has become addicted to this harshness over the years because it's what she knows. It's like being use to a house full of people who scream and yell, dealing with it, getting use to it then feeling weird when there is silence.

Perfect Match that demonstrates CRAP on CRAP Love

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