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Young Jeezy wants You to See He Will Never Change

Young Jeezy "Mr. T.M. 103" Video

Here you have Young Jeezy displaying the infantile, simple mind Black men have which prevents them from spiritually growing and developing a high consciousness. A man who does not know the meaning of mental progression, but determines his progression by how much money he’s able to make using the mentalities that he has had in his teens, 20’s and 30’s.

He claims he raps the “Thug Bible” for the streets.

This is incorrect I have seen the transition over the years where rappers have gone from simply rapper about the hood, to making raps that reflects one criminal minded Brother talking to another.
The raps that exist now EMPOWER those who are engaged in criminal activity and helps them feel represented and supported.

This EMPOWERMENT of gangs boomerangs back onto the Black community. This is the consequence for 
allowing and supporting this ENERGY. You want to EMPOWER gangs and criminal minded activity it will befall your community and spread like wildfire.

This is why I chose NOT to live in predominately Black communities. Black people do not understand the logic of this.  Black people resist this and are “dead set” on appearing to support anything that is Black. Rappers like Young Jeezy should not be allowed to make it to notoriety they should remain in “Mixtape World” where at least those in the community do not watch them seemingly be admired by many.

Just like the many infantile men who come from our communities who have NO PRESSURE to aspire to be more mentally, Young Jeezy will continue to stick to the mentalities he was raised with. He will continue to promote these mentalities, though they lead to the destruction of Black Men.

It’s sad to say, but I don’t think he’s capable of becoming a man at this point, he ill remain the same.
I NEVER have and NEVER will like Young Jeezy’s ENERGY he’s EMBARRASSING and a reflection of the lack of mental progression Black men possess.

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