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Who's Excited About 'The Bodyguard' Remake?

Lol, lol I'm so mean, I just can't help it. My mean revolves around ENERGY and the truth. So I know there are many Black women who are or would be excited about this. Many of us have a craving to see more interracial couples involving a White man and Black woman. It's like "ah ha" to a Black man "we can do it too". lol, lol

And you know what there's nothing wrong with that I guess, one can only wish this was more genuine. I sometimes wonder how many Black women are dating or seeking White Men due to the state of this race, opposed to a genuine interest in them.

Anyway the movie studio heads have caught on to this "longing" ENERGY and decided to remake a movie that not only doesn't need to be remade, but it is a movie you wouldn't think would be remade.

Yes, the bodyguard was a hit, but it was a hit because of Whitney Houston. Without Whitney it could have been a "Lifetime" movie.

In the remake the producers and writers are trying for a different angle. In fact based on the plot I wonder how they will tag it 'The Bodyguard 2'.

In the remake, the story would be updated so that the man would be a former Iraqi war vet trying to protect his client against an Internet world, in which stalkers can track stars on Twitter, Gawker Stalker, Google Maps and countless other sites.

It sounds horrible, but maybe with with the right writers it might be entertaining.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem that people are embracing this:

Alyona 5 hours ago Report Abuse
wow I don't have to see this to know it'll be crap. I have the original on VHS and I plan on keeping it, protecting someone in an INTERNET world??? @#$% is wrong with Hollywood? you have all those writers but you can't come up with an original story?? I am an unpublished writer, I've been writing stories since I was 13 if you need new work, come find me!

Slapshot 6 hours ago Report Abuse
Ugh.. just the headline made me sick to the stomach. Imagine that - Hollywood showing how they lost their imagination, their creativity, their inability to make original movies. I will not pay one cent to see this remake of a classic. The only time I will see it will be years later, when it's free on TV - if I'm bored and nothing else to watch. Hollywood is garbage.
Bill E. Goetz 10 hours ago Report Abuse
How about an original script where a major motion picture company goes belly up because the general public gets sick of the unoriginal tripe that is palmed off on them as entertainment.
They say it's too earlier to announce the actors of the movie, maybe depending on who they pick it will change the way people feel. Hopefully they will understand that when they read the comments about this remake early on.


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