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Nelly and Kelly Rowland ReCreate That Energy That Gave Them A Hit

It's important for me to distinguish between seeing through something and coming against it. I weigh the ENERGY of things and there is nothing wrong with this ENERGY. I'm not coming against it I'm just pointing it out.

Nelly and Kelly want to re-create the ENERGY of their song "Dilemma" which was a major hit, they both need that right now. After "Tip Drill" I lost a little respect for Nelly, but he's kept a low profile, so why can't he rise up again, particularly considering the rappers that have come after him. The way he treats Ashanti is how most Black women of this era is treated, and because they accept it it's not really the man's fault. People treat you how you allow them to treat you.

I hope re-creating this ENERGY works out for Nelly and Kelly

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