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Miss Lawerence Wants you to Accept His Confusion

What can you say about someone who seems to have a nice spirit but repulses you? A person that seems nice and you know God loves them but does not agree with their ENERGY or way of being. God does not condone deception in ANY FORM.

Here we have Miss Lawerence who as you can see is a woman man who wants you to enter into his world of CONFUSION. From him calling himself Miss Lawerence to being a man who clearly is trying to emulate the essence of a woman. He expects you to listen to, like and accept his music though you can't help but be distracted by his confusion and confusing look.

What the hell could he sing to me about where a normal person couldn't do the same?

I think Miss Lawerence is an example of a living nightmare. I can't imagine looking up and my son looks like this, it would break my heart to see his confusion. We have what sometimes seems like an epedemic in our communities when it comes to Black men trying to be or portraying themselves as women. It seems like an epedemic because stastically only 1 in every 250,000 people or more feel like they where born the wrong sex.

With approximately 23 million Black people that would mean about 92 Black men would feel that they where born the wrong sex. And the statistics aren't specific. The statistics include women who feel like they are men. So if you divided 92 in half that would mean about 46 Black men and 46 Black women would statistically feel they where born the wrong sex.

We all know we have surpassed this statistic. More and more Black men are choosing to escape being men and feel better as women.

Over the years I've seen this effect the Black community more and more to the point where a Black woman becomes a suspected "Tranny". This is particularly true to brown skin and dark skin women. Everytime you look up their is a brown skin or dark skin "Tranny" being displayed. The Miss Lawerence's of the community add confusion and also take away from the masculinity of Black men and makes it questionable. Miss Lawerence could have easily been a man who acts and sees himself as a man, but doesn't. How many more Miss Lawerence's are in or out of the closet, one can't help but ask.

Miss Lawerence has the ENERGY of a mutant and I will NOT support him. Judging by his album title "Closet Freak" he feels the same way about himself, he's a mutant, but for his sanity embraces it and tries to make light of it.

I pray that when I have a son I don't look up and see this I think all my maternal instincts will go out the door. My son would have to live in the closet, I would NEVER walk the streets with him looking like this, I'll just have to be considered a mean mother.

Sorry Miss Lawerence I do not like your ENERGY................take that with Two snaps and a head swirl!

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