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Kim K Continues to Pimp America's Low Standards

Can you really blame Kim K and her horrid family at this point? They are simply doing what they can do and what they are allowed to do.

The fact that Kim K has almost more twitter followers than the president speaks volumes about this society. She arrogantly thought she had more then him, she had to be corrected. Not only did Piers Morgan correct her he sarcastically asked her does she feel uncomfortable about that. He failed to tell her why she should feel uncomfortable, though I know he had no intention of squashing her ego. All he can do is take sarcastic "snips" at her and hope she doesn't catch all of them. The snips are for those like myself who can catch that Piers Morgan is just doing his job when it comes to interviewer her, he's not impressed.

It's important for Kim K to understand that she is a spectacle, a science project. She's like a car wreck that backs up traffic because people can't help but watch it.

We have become a society where the amount of money you manage to make and how popular you SEEM to be, means more then anything. The more shocking a celebrity the more immediate attention they receive.

It doesn't matter how you got the money, it doesn't matter how shallow your existence is, if you can appear to be successful people will make you more successful. People will stand by those who they think are successful.

In this video witness yet another person who thinks Kim K is talentless and is amazed by the amount of attention she gets despite this.

I think this is a low point in our society. I'm happy to say that I have not or will not support her show or other ventures. I am wise enough to know that supporting those with the ENERGY of Kim K opens floodgates. Right now there are many women hoping to be the next Kim K. "Will they succeed"?

She has "pimped" out America and has garnered support towards her "brand" just by keeping herself visible. Her success demonstrates how fake our Society has become. Her entire image and the essence of her is fake. She looks fake, acts fake and because she has no talent to fall back on she's just a shallow shell.

Her entire family reflects a manafactured image. Though Kim K has always dated Black men, once she and her family realized that captures this race's attention and attention equates to more attention the family found a formula. It's not shocking they put Khloe and Lamar together and it was there plan to have Rob and Angela Simmons together. The entire family was willing to follow a formula.

So watch out as this family continues to do what they can do only in America. They are a gift from this metaphysical universe that speaks more about the state of the people who support them. The universe gives you the ENERGIES you craves and duplicates the ENERGIES you accept. The things you are attracted to and how you are able to be entertained speaks of a persons character and attracts likewise.

The ENERGY of Kim K and her family is not an ENERGY that I will support.

Watch more of this interview here:

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