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Jackie O Display’s the Weak Mind of a Litter Child

I came across this story a while ago and I wanted to address the ENERGY of it.

Weak Black people have a habit of taking on characters and auras in order to seem more powerful and to create an identity. Many are born in a way that makes it inevitable that they will feel weak due to their environments, to compensate for this they subconsciously feel compelled to create a persona of strength.

Not only is Jacki O the name of a former first lady, an ENERGY which she feeds off of due to her thinking she’s like a “First Lady”. But she also thought it a good POWER BOOST for her to name herself after a notorious female gangsta “Griselda Blanco.
Griselda Blanco who is now jailed was considered one of the most deadly women to ever be in the drug game. She wrecked havoc on Miami and left a body count that would make some of the worst criminals cringe. She had no mercy for debt owners and seemed to enjoy making examples out of others in the most extreme way; through murder, mutilation and brutality. It is said that she made over a billion dollars during her reign as an 80's drug Lord.

But again, due to many Black people not having the strength to create a sense of power through their own life’s actions, Jackie O has leeched onto the image of a woman who seems to be admired by her peers.

This is something many lower consciousness weak Black people do. They have to search for a source of strength because they have none. They grow up in environments where their brains fail to develop and progress. There is no pressure in their surroundings nor in this race to compel this to happen.

So here we have a simple bit*ch ready to spread her ENERGY to a dumb down, low standard race.

Listen to Hip Hop 24/7.com Interview Jackie O

In this video Jackie O explains her decision to use Griselda Blanco’s persona. Note how simple she sounds, how hard it is for her to articulate herself and explain her actions. It must be pointed out that she seems to have a nice spirit, but that’s not enough.  Black people must realize we can’t continue to empower those who feed the wrong ENERGY into our communities. They hover over the minds of the many weak impressionable children who don’t have strong upbringings. In that case who cares if she’s so-called nice, that’s not the ENERGY we feel with Jackie O when she feeds us her music. I was surprised how demure she seems.

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