Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

TV Shows That Reflect the ENERGY of Atlanta Get Better and Better!

It's hard to believe what Atlanta has turned into. It's the perfect place to witness metaphysics in action. I remember wanting to move to Atlanta in the 90's. Initially Atlanta was considered the ideal place for young Black professionals and inspiring entrepreneurs could go and prosper.

Over the years due to the type of representation in this culture; it's become a haven for debauchery and immoral behavior. It's a concentrated environment that attracts those who seek vanity, fast cash and sexual exploits. It's important to understand that those who you allow to represent you become your ENERGY.

Over the years due to Atlanta's representation through the Hip Hop community the area has developed a tarnished ENERGY. One that revolves around hustling, strip clubs, sex and violence.

In addition to this as you can see by the above video Atlanta has a strong homosexuality ENERGY. Atlanta seems to take pride in this. Unfortunately along with homosexuality in this culture you have many "Down Low" Black men who linger around the fringes of this type of environment. A homosexual will tell you that Atlanta is like a "gay mecca".

I don't like the type of ENERGY that surrounds Atlanta's homosexual community. it's an ENERGY that seems exploitative and deceitful.

After watching the above video I wonder how many Atlanta natives think it's a good idea to keep having these exploitative type of shows that seems to represent where they come from. Is this show exactly what Atlanta needs right now? or is the opposite true?

I think it's the latter.

I have long since looked down on and shunned the ENERGY of Atlanta. This show is a fail and does not benefit the people perception of Atlanta.

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