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Drake's Gay, Nicki Minaji is White and Lil Wayne is the Demon from "Jacob's Ladder"

Unfortunately I have to disagree with the Drake's gay part. I am sick of this generation and I hate Black people in this era. Every man is gay. And until Black women understand the hostility that is developed withing Black men subconsciously or consciously due to their masculinity being challenged; Black women will always wonder why Black men increasingly seem hateful.

Wearing a leopard shirt makes a man gay? Drake's outfit has the ENERGY of him wanting to think out the box and be different. We have a culture that continues to attack Black Men's masculinity and it only makes Black men more repetitive and less broad minded. They are scared to express themselves because they might be accused of being gay.

Even though this MTO comment was funny 

     Looking like a fake Mississippi pimp.

See that's funny and it doesn't attack his masculinity, he could probably even laugh at that.

Let's talk about Nicki Minaji:

Words cannot describe what I am witnessing. With the advancements in medical technology many Black female celebrities seem to be lightening their skin. Not just lightening their skin but they seem to be drawing or sucking the life and melanin out of their skin. They are possessed and are beginning to glow in an iridescent way that is not natural to a human.

I hate weakness. A lot of Black women int he spotlight become effected by their new environments. The way they use to look is not good enough, no matter how that was. Women like Nicki Minaji have the ENERGY of thinking that the more they look like those who are in their surroundings the more acceptable they are.

Unfortunately when you make it into certain circles, rarely is Black celebrated. You have environments that are dominated by White people, and you have environments where so called more affluent Black people gravitate towards lighter women. Where does that leave the "around the way girl"? That leaves her wanting to blend into what is considered desirable.

The "around the way" girl has a double edge sword obstacle. She feels if she can physically morph into what is considered the most desirable in their environment they will be able to FEEL COMFORTABLE in the environments they now navigate through which are more broader.

No longer do they chill in the hood. They are now open to the world in a way where they feel more compelled to morph into what is considered ideal. Much of the world has been influenced with the illusion that European beauty is ideal, and those of other races that have the essence of their features is more beautiful. How could someone like Nicki Minaji resist, she want s to feel spiritually and physically comfortable as she navigates the world. Only a higher conscious person who is not driven by vanity and/or a low self esteem could resist.

As these women go to get these procedures I hope they realize, they "fell into weakness". I hate being affiliated with the weak team.

Next we have Lil Wayne

Who has drawn all over his body. His body shows his spirit and the torment of his life. He reminds me of the head shaking demons in "Jacobs Ladder". That symbolizes his confusion. His body looks as crazy and confused as he feels. Black men in this era seem determined in drenching themselves in aggressive behaviors and actions. They don't understand that metaphysically doing so attracts that type of ENERGY.

No matter how much money Lil Wayne makes his body defies the ENERGY of progression. He will always seem "jail culture" he will always seem like a criminally influenced brother. And the sting of this reality and ENERGY plays out when he comes to head with people who have just as much money or more then him. They have no obligation to deal with him.

Is become such a spectacle he's like a risk. Not everybody will mix with Lil Wayne, that's something he didn't catch by Lebron and Dwayne not acknowledging him. He has a high risk ENERGY, he's a loose cannon and his tattoos only increases that ENERGY.

He's tattoo's say "I don't give a F*uck", it's no way you could give a "blank" about life and get tattoos like his that only alienate him.

Another smart Brother not pushed, I don't like the ENERGY of Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaji, Drake's ok even though he's metaphysically out of alignment being with Cash Money

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