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Does Beyonce have the RIGHT to Be Black When She Wants?

I by far am not the sensitive type like many Black people, my self-esteem and consciousness is too high.
Having said that I have and ALWAYS will think Blackface portrayed by ANYONE is a mockery, insensitive, and makes no sense.

Despite this, not being a sensitive person I usually can ignore it. You can’t pick on everything, you have to meet ignorance head on and allow it to expose itself. When you allow it to effect you, you lose control.

But that brings us to Beyonce, like many others I am offended. Beyonce has no right to portray Blackface. I feel like she’s mocking this race, since she has done everything to escape this race physically. She has spent her life feeling superior and being glad she is not Kelly Rowland's color, now she wants to exploit what would disgust her to have in real life.

She would DIE if her skin was this color and her using it for convenience and to be dramatic is insulting.

Beyonce has to be one of the most WHITE WASHED, woman I’ve ever seen in mainstream Black culture that’s suppose to represent Black woman. Through the years the broader her environment became just like most WEAK Black women in the spotlight, the less secure she became with what God gave her.

People will always consciously or subconsciously seek to morph into what’s considered the most DOMINATE and DESIRABLE.

Women like Beyonce who are in the spotlight navigate in circles that expand well beyond the hood. They go places and meet many people who are not Black but like many others these people have a perception of what the ideal beautiful woman looks like.

It’s more comforting for women like Beyonce to look in a way she thinks will make her acceptable to all races not just Black people. Again that is the weakness of the Black mind in full effect.  As Black people we don’t know how to fight, create or love ourselves to the point where others will respect us.

There’s a reason why Black people where slaves, we are easily controlled and can be easily manipulated, because at the end of the day we don’t know ourselves and would rather sing and dance to distract away from critical thinking skills that would build our race and children’s self esteem.

When I see the direction Beyonce is going in I ask myself Is she trying to morph into Gweneth Paltrow her good friend? lol

What a great way to drum up publicity for her “come back”. Until we learn that celebrities thrive off of controversy and learn to turn it into something that DOESN’T benefit them, they will always shock and offend. Until we make them feel PATHETIC for having to do these things for publicity they will always rationalize it within their circles, so no shame is felt from their peers in their environments. “Any publicity is good publicity” is their motto.

Beyonce has gotten the attention of many again

I do not like Beyonce’s ENERGY particularly with this shoot and I will NOT SUPPORT HER. Her tactics will NOT work on me and it makes you more POWERFUL when you don’t allow others to control you when it comes to their agenda.

Check out how Beyonce has morphed into a White Washed woman through the years. She's such an embarrassment.

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