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We Could Be Flying in our Cars By the End of 2011?

Check this out, we could be flying in 2011. Of course that means those who happen to have $204,000. You need a $10,000 deposit and $194,000 to purchase the car. There's no need to get frustrated because you don't have the money or worry once this car is in circulation like most things the price will lower over the years. You might have to wait about 10, 20 or 30 years to get it, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Or better yet it gives you a goal to work towards. The mind miraculously becomes creative when it wants something. Seeing and feeling people swish on by you would motivate anyone to work towards being able to do the same.

Also a great trickle effect will be the fact that airline prices will drop dramatically so you will be able to take a break and fly when you want at really low prices.

The Transition cruises at 115mph and it can fly as slow as 50mph before stalling out. It only needs 50 feet of runway to take off. You can travel 500 miles in the Transition and if something goes wrong during your flight there is a full vehicle parachute.

The best part is that the Transition is fueled by the same gas an ordinary car uses and has a 20- gallon fuel tank. It also gets 30 miles per gallon. That right their makes it as practical as a normal 4 wheel car. After 20 hours of flight time you then qualify for a license.

This will definitely be in the near future. Though we might have to seat back and watch the rich be the first to explore this, maybe that's a good thing. Let them be the "guinea pigs" of this while we observe if we want to become pilots and risk not only driving but flying every day. We will also be able to see if it's easy to manage such a car.

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