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The Cancer in 50 Cent Shines Through

No matter how crazy or hard 50 cent acts sometimes, I know he has a soft side. He's a Cancer he can't help but have one. And though many Cancer's can be penny pincher's they have caring hearts and will help you if they can.
50 cent is doing just that. he has decided to help El Debarge by paying for the rehabilitation he needs for his crack-cocaine addition. I like the ENERGY of El Debarge's music and I hope he can beat his addiction.I think it's admirable of 50 cent to try and help someone on their way of finding themselves spiritually again. Many people right off drug addicts, but I'm glad he came across someone who too wants to see him get back on his feet.

Here's what DeBarge said on his FACEBOOK page:

    "I hate to disappoint my fans but it is necessary for me to take the time to work on me so that I may continue to share my music and my story with everyone. I thank everyone in advance for their prayers and well wishes and hope that you will respect my privacy during this time."

I like the ENERGY of 50 cent helping El Debarge on the path to finding his way again.

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