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Black Women Desperately Seeking Asian Men??

Views of an Ethiopian Black woman

How do you think Black people from other countries form their opinions about Black people?

Here's a clue I'm posting this here on Black Celebrity Energy opposed to my other site Black Energy News. One of the reasons for this is because celebrities and those that we seem to support in the spotlight create an ENERGY and perception of Black people. The ENERGY of the media is felt by those all around the world.

Those from other countries judge Black Americans based on the culture that we have created and support. We seem to stand by the negative stereotypes of the media. It's important for Black Americans to realize that the media is what hovers over everyone, that's what makes it so powerful. It's important to understand by supporting certain ENERGIES these ENERGIES come to define you.

Of course you can't help but laugh at this chick when you think of her claim that Black American women are seemingly infatuated with Asian men.

Lol, lol all I can do is laugh when I think about his video.  You just want to shake this chick because she’s so delusional. Some of the things she had to say about African American women is true, but what planet does she live on? What planet does she live on where she thinks African American women are “desperately seeking’ Asian men? Lol, lol, lol

Now that’s not to insult Asian men, in fact I’ve always admired Asian men; they seem to have a n ENERGY of being disciplined and having calculating intelligence. However I’ve never felt the ENERGY of my fellow Black American sisters “pining” for Asian men. I’ve never heard them be the topic of conversation.In fact many Black women seem to have negative stereotypes about Asian men. I rarely see a Black woman with an Asian man, so it's funny she thinks that's some sort of norm.

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